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Future Roles of CIBIL Credit Scores and Reports

So far the CIBIL Reports or Credit Reports were used by lending Bankers and Financial Institutions to sanction loans to individuals firms and companies but now the CIBIL Reports Credit Reports CIBIL Scores and Credit Scores have become the most important tools to check the Credit Health of any Individual Company or Firm not only by Banks and Lending Institutions

How to Download e-PAN in three Easy Steps?

I just finished writing the article “Government issues First e-PAN – a Welcome Step“. Soon I realized that what is the use of e-PAN if it can not be downloaded anywhere anytime online as in the case of E-Aadhar. I searched for the solutions for about six long hours before I could find the answer […]

Three Reasons Student Loans Are Bad For Your Children

Do you know the genuine cost of student debts While you are informed that it is just the financing cost on your tyke ‘s student loans that you ought to be worried about actually the loan fee is only the tip of the iceberg Find truths that are not clarified at the college financial guide counter

What to do for VLE’s under CSC after passing RAP exam?

Government of India under its dream project of making Digital India a reality is opening more and more CSC ‘s through approved VLEs and these VLEs are likely to become the agents of changing India by spreading their wings in the remotest villages of India so that all benefits and services can reach even in the remotest villages VLEs can

11 Important Facts for you to know about PPF

Today when the interest rates have fallen from 14% in nineties to just 8% per annum coupled with falling value of rupee and skyrocketing inflation the public is in dilemma as to where to invest their hard earned moneys. The realistic yield is Zero % if rupee depreciation and inflation is accounted for due to […]

Easy Way to Validate E-filed I-T Return through EVC

Gone are the days when one had to physically file the income tax returns involving tedious paper work which was very time consuming. Keeping in view the difficulty of the public the Government of India has made it possible for any tax payer to e-file his or her income tax return online using internet from […]

PPF Best Social Security Investment in India

Best Investment is PPF account with yield @12.57%, 11%, 9.78% for People  paying income tax @30%, 20% and 10%. NRI’s can also open PPF accounts in India. Do you know that PPF investment can’t be attached by a court of decree? PPF Advanced Calculator: You can invest or park Rs. One lac per Financial Year in PPF […]

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