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How to Download e-PAN in three Easy Steps?

I just finished writing the article “Government issues First e-PAN – a Welcome Step“. Soon I realized that what is the use of e-PAN if it can not be downloaded anywhere anytime online as in the case of E-Aadhar. I searched for the solutions for about six long hours before I could find the answer […]

Excellent Tips by Warren Buffet

Join our Main Website Welcome to our latest blog under the name and style “Weekly Tips for U”. We will be creating a collection of picturesque view of excellent tips by us and well know personalities from the world. We will be posting only images of  valuable and practical tips. Tips may include Health Tips, Financial Tips, […]

How to open a new Bank Account?

KYC is necessary for opening a Bank Account.

About Pass Book

What is a Pass Book? A Pass Book can be defined as a paper booklet issued by a banker to a customer recording therein entries of deposits and withdrawals made. Alternatively it can also be said to be a copy of ledger maintained by the banker showing all types of entries relating to an account of […]

Banking and Finance

The author is writing articles on Banking at WebQuestionAnswers, MoneyMultiplierIndia, IndiaStudyChannel and HubPages. To consolidate all the articles, coming under Banking, the links are provided below: What to do if dividend is not received by shareholder from company How bank charges and cost of insurance disturb equated monthly loan installments How Secured are Bank Lockers? Can […]

Cash Less Corruption Free Society – Demonetization of Currency

In my earlier articles also I have been impressing upon the need for a Cash Less Society to weed out Corruption from India. The GOI needs strong will Power to go in for Demonetization of Currency as Money Supply has grown to a dangerous level and if not checked – it can be disastrous for the Indian Economy […]

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