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Herbs and their Curative Properties

In God s creation of this beautiful earth there are lots of plants that grow in the wilderness of nature

How Important is Aadhar Biometrics to You?

News has started pouring in that Aadhar Biometrics are being misused by Network Providers while linking Aadhar with Mobile SIM Cards Few Case of Frauds has been reported This article explains as to how to securely disable or enable your Aadhar Biometrics to avoid getting misused

What is Dengue or Dengue Fever?

If you are in India and also watching various news channels on television you might have heard and watched how dengue fever is taking away the lives of young and old alike in the southern state of Tamil Nadu

How to Link Aadhaar Card with Mobile Offline

As government is getting stringent with its Aadhaar policy to have identification metrics for each and every individual of the country their regulations to make Aadhaar mandatory for several purposes doesn t came as a surprise to many Earlier they made linking Aadhaar with PAN compulsory to file income tax return but now when they have made it mandatory for

Simple ways to help save the bees & butterfly – hplcco

One out of every bite of fruits or vegetables we eat is a result of pollinators like honey bees and butterfly are so important for us Pollinators help to reproduction in plants Hplcco is group of NGO in USA We help to save environment Help us to donate charity

How to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way?

World Today is fighting with the pollution problem on the one side and depleting forests and trees on the other side. Both the factors have compelled the world community to think in terms of eco friendly measures. Diwali is one of the main festivals of India which is celebrated with great fervor by all irrespective […]

How to treat and provide first aid in case of chemical burns – Part III

Acid attacks on girls, in the recent past in India, became a revenge fashion for the estranged lovers and the apex court had to intervene to stop immediate sale of Acid throughout the Indian Union. I do not know if the acid attack menace is also prevalent in other countries out of jealously or revengeful […]

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