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Bankers Alert ! Arbitrary Closing of Customers’ Account

Arbitrary  closing of bank accounts of customers for non compliance or some shortcomings in compliance with the KYC – Know Your Customer Guidelines by banks may land them in trouble as the recent verdict of the consumer forum Delhi, it tantamount to deficient customer service and may land the concerned bank in trouble and getting penalized. A Delhi […]

Know Your Polling Station – India Elections 2014

Chief Election Officers in every state and all union territories are providing the following facilities to the electorate of India through direct SMS on the mobile numbers of the voters: To know your polling station by sending SMS to designated numbers in each parliamentary constituency. For example as per Chandigarh Election Helpline one has to […]

Know Your Customer – KYC

The concept of Know Your Customer of KYC was introduced in the Banking Industry through out the world to keep check on terrorist activities being funded by the terrorists groups and organizations through Banking Channel as it is a hard fact that if the supply line of any militant group or organization is cut off […]

Law Matters

The author is writing articles about Law Matters at this site, HubPages and IndiaStudyChannel. To consolidate all the articles, coming under Law Matters, the links are provided below: Do you know that legally to Deal with the Minor is not a Minor Issue What to do with Inactive Accounts -Futuristic-Approach Can you withdraw money from account of […]

Know Your Medicine -KYM

Are you taking any medicine? Stop ! Know Your Medicine -KYM ! Take it. Medicines are manufactured to be taken by patients. Some medicines are available on the counter without any prescription by a qualified doctor and other medicines are available with the chemists and drug stores to be sold on prescription of a qualified doctor. […]

Can Email Reading be Strictly Prohibited

Today I received an email from IRDA. The mail was meant for the addressee (me) only and had a footnote added to it as under : “This mail may contain confidential or proprietary information intended only for the use of the addressee(s) named above or may contain information that is legally privileged. If you are not […]

How will Microsoft take care of Nokia’s Customers Privacy and Security?

When Nokia has struck a sale deal with Microsoft to sell its Devices and  Services business except HERE location based products and businesses to Microsoft in April 2014 then you might be worried about the privacy of your contacts, security of your important data and above all the contractual relationships for the products and services offered […]

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