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Account Opening Processes

In ancient time economic transactions used to made through barter systems where goods were exchanged in terms of their economic value based on demand and supply. As the volume of economic transactions increased the Cowries used as money in Asian and other parts of the world were replaced by currency systems. Without going very deep into […]

Are you receiving Spurious Calls and Fictitious Offers in the name of IRDA

The readers might have come across instances of having received telephonic calls from persons claiming to be the representative of IRDA. At least I used to receive at least one or two calls every month. The callers introduce themselves to be the representatives of IRDA and they also impress the called party that the insurance […]

Terms and Conditions Apply – Don’t Sign without Reading

Just go through the Terms and Conditions of a few institutions and ask yourself if you have read and understood the  terms and conditions of use or you just accepted them as a mere formality. Top PSU and Private Banks : One of the leading Bank’s (S.B.I.) Net Banking Site alerts its customers as under : […]

Know Your Mobile – KYM

Can anyone imagine life without mobile today. The answer is a big No. Rich or Poor, Literate or illiterate, Employee or Businessman, Young or Old, Males or Females, Teacher or Student, Doctor or Patient,  Police or Criminals, Exporter or Importer, Friend or Enemy – everybody needs a Mobile according to his or her personal needs […]

Housing Loans – Loan against House and Property under SARFAESI Act

When anyone applies for a Loan to the Bank of FI, Credit Rating for loan approvals by Banks and Financial Institutions is verified by the Bank’s and Financial Institutions. Similarly verification of Immoveable properties is also investigated/verified/checked by the Bank’s or FI’s from CERSAI, the Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India. Even while purchasing […]

Know Your Budget – KYB

Estimate of Income and Expenditure by any independent individual, of course major, any family or any nation is called Budget in a lay man’s language. If any individual, family or a nation is overspending then the known sources of income then individuals have to borrow money which is financed by the private money lenders or banks […]

Insurance No Substitute to Social Security – Unconditional Insurance

Introduction: In the name of Economic Reforms almost whole of Indian Economy including Banking, Insurance and FDI in retails is thrown open to the Multinational Companies.I am going to discuss only the Insurance Sector as more and more Companies from all over the world are offering are spreading their wings in India. Govt Responsibility : An ordinary citizen […]

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