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How to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way?

World Today is fighting with the pollution problem on the one side and depleting forests and trees on the other side. Both the factors have compelled the world community to think in terms of eco friendly measures. Diwali is one of the main festivals of India which is celebrated with great fervor by all irrespective […]

Government Sectors are better than Private Sectors

It is a hard fact that in a country like India Government Sectors are better than the Private Sector. Liberalization Process started in 1991 that is after 44 years of independence. If we calculate the same term that is 44 years after 1991 it will be the year 2035 that is 22 years hence. You […]

Do you know the fuel saving tips?

You can help nation by following fuel saving tips.

General Amnesty-Building India of My Dreams-Let us start afresh

India of My Dreams In our previous article ,I had discussed “How can we achieve it in India” but it is a very complex situation as the whole Indian Society needs to undergo a “Change of Heart” so that every micro unit of the society is involved in the process of transformation of India to India of My Dreams. No doubt we […]

What is NOTA button on EVM’s in Elections 2014

During the elections 2014 the election commission has introduced the NOTA button for the voters to press the NOTA button in case the voters feel that none of the candidates in the election foray is worthy of their vote. NOTA button has the many advantages and voters need to think before they cast their vote […]

India of My Dreams – General Amnesty – Spade Work and After Impact

In my previous article “General Amnesty-Building India of My Dreams-Let us start afresh” I had proposed for declaration of General Amnesty by H.E.President of India. No doubt it is very easy to suggest or propose then to implement it. I will be discussing in detail the Spade Work to be done before declaration and its after impacts. […]

India of My Dreams

Ancient India, once known as Golden Sparrow which was haunted by invaders from all over the world and remained under colonial rule till the midnight of 14th August,1947 when it became independent India on 15th August,1947.  Today we are independent having our own democratic Government but somewhere we have gone wrong and we have loss […]

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