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How to edit HTML in Blogger for all Links to open in new window

If you compose your blog, as I do, with lots of links to other blogs and websites,  you may make it convenient for your readers to view other blogs or websites and then return to your blog. Initially due to ignorance bloggers either do not know or forget to edit the HTML editor of their […]

Become Technocrat Without Technology

The very title of the post may appear to be funny and illogical. But it is neither funny nor illogical as I have gone through the problems, a non technical person may have faced, among High Tech IT engineers. There are so many intelligent and experienced people who, having the domain knowledge, can get the best IT […]

Blogger Tutorials – Step – by – Step

I am sure you must have done the basics for Journey towards making a Personal Website by know. Now we guide you step by step. I assure you that building a site is less than 2 hours job. In my last article  – I conceived the idea of launching a “Consumer Protection”  site for the public […]

How to assess the current market price of your domain?

Popular domains with SEO done fetch high prices.

How to merge Duplicate Accounts on Social Networks_Linkedin

When I was just one year old at the internet I found that I many Social Profiles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter,  Linkedin and other social profiles and I used to get mails in my 5 or 6 mail accounts where I used to get messages from my friends and contacts. I never bothered to remember […]

How to merge Duplicate Accounts on Social Networks

People all over the world are connecting through social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and hundreds of other social networks to get noticed and take notice of their friends, contacts, relative and friends. Had there been only one social net work and that too restricting the public to make duplicate profiles, it would have […]

How to protect against identity theft, skimming, spoofing, spying and key logging?

Identity theft an introduction: ID theft is a fraud to steal money or getting monetary benefits by pretending to be another person whose ID has been stolen. ID theft, as actual theft or burglary, can cause financial and emotional stress. ID theft is done in many ways e.g. by using other’s credit card details illegally […]

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