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Role of Banks in Indian Economy – Yesterday – Today and Tomorrow

After independence the Indian Economy was a mixed economy and the India’s Central Banking Authority known as Reserve Bank of India was nationalized on 1st of January, 1949 and Banking Regulation Act was promulgated in 1949 to regulate and control the Banks in India so that the Banks could play a major role in Indian […]

Indian Economy – Liberalisation Effects

Deficit Financing : Uncontrolled Inflationary Pressure The RBI not only provides money to banks, but also has to supervise them on the issue of liquidity in the economy. Reserve Bank needs to reconcile with holding prices and financing the deficit of the Center at the same time. Both these actions are the mandatory functions of the RBI. While […]

RBI Blames Govt of Policy Stasis

It is not just the Opposition that feels the government is in the grip of a policy paralysis. The RBI has said “concerns over policy Stasis.” must be addressed as “newer risks” to growth emerge from slowing global trade, domestic supply blocks and a slack monsoon. The central bank said reviving investor confidence will need steps to […]

RBI Monetary Policy Review

  For the second consecutive time, on 31st July,2012 the  Reserve Bank Governor left the key interest rate unchanged to fight inflation, and lowered the growth projection for the current fiscal to 6.5 percent. However, as a liquidity inducing-measure, the Governor brought down the Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) — the amount of deposits banks park […]

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