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Questions regarding Article posting

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Dear Moderators,

I have posted my first article on WQA today. After posting I have surprised to see missing necessary features such as

> I was able to add only one image. When I add the second image, first image was replaced and second one only appeared.
> Placing an image at the specific position in the article was not possible.
> I used an anchor tag, Which was not appeared after submission.

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One Response to “Questions regarding Article posting”

  1. Hello Kumar,

    Thanks for raising this issue to our notice. We are very thankful for your time. To subscribers yet we will allow permission of 1 image only and don’t allow any external link However we are working on special permissions of editors in site. you as editor will be getting advance editor to write content. Thankful for your valuable comments.

    Smiley Sharma
    Technical Webmaster

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