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How to upload invoice

Sir, Under “Cash Payment announcement for September 2017” My name appears with points 2683 and cash bucks Rs.668 with invoice No. 173 while under “Payment details” my name appears with points 3686 and cash bucks Rs.918 with invoice No. 171. Which is correct and which amount should I claim? When I tried to upload invoice […]

Good AdSense News for Members of Web Question Answers

Dear Members, We are pleased to inform all our members that the great Google had released Matched Content feature for few selected AdSense publishers only (and not for all publishers). Further, the matching content ads are compatible with the web version, tablet version and mobile version of the site. With continuous and sustained efforts of […]

Polls and Links have Gone at WQA

WQA allowed its members to create Polls about their Forum Topics. We have reviewed the Polls and it has been decided to withdraw this feature with immediate effect. Similarly, WQA had been allowing to post Links subject to the condition that every posted link article will include one backlink to WQA  website or articles on a […]

Is there any change in WQA Rules and Regulations?

As per WQA rules and regulations articles with a minimum length of 500 words are published and articles with more than 1000 words earn Cash Bucks of Rs.25-00. But now it is seen that even articles as short as 300 articles are approved and awarded 25 cash bucks. Is there any change in WQA Rules […]

How to help save the bees & butterfly – hplcco

What you can do in your garden to help bees and butterflies. Bumble bees are one of the most important pollinators of our native plants. Using of chemical products or pesticides and herbicide bees are dying now. Save bees save earth – hplcco 1.Avoid chemical products: Don’t try to spray pesticides. Pesticides are a main […]

How to delete WebQuestionAnswer account?

I want to delete my account from this website. Please help me out. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmailShare on: WhatsApp

Job posted in April not yet approved

I have posted a few jobs in April and they are neither approved nor rejected yet. Jobs are always time sensitive and if not approved on time, chances are we miss out on traffic. Delay from editorial team is discouraging me from posting more jobs. I am confused whether I shall continue posting jobs or […]

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