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  • In a world of rising healthcare costs, most of us find ourselves rather unprepared to manage sudden expenses arising out of illness and hospitalization. Everybody needs someone who may provide you access to good medical care, protecting your savings against these expenses. MaxBupa is the answer to both of your problems that is to protect both your savings and health.
    One of such specialist Health Insurance Company is Max Bupa which endeavors to set highest standards in customer service. MaxBupa’s Heartbeat health insurance Plan is one of the several insurance plans offered along with many unique benefits such as:
    • Direct claim settlement, not through third parties. MaxBupa is having their owned hospitals and Cash Less claim settlement is easy.
    • All Day-Care procedures covered – they pay for Medical Expenses for Day Care Procedures when you, as an in-patient undertake procedures for a period of not less than 24 hours in a hospital.
    • Cashless facility at many of the best hospitals across the country.
    • Health Check-ups on renewal for all members covered in the Policy – Every year for Gold and Platinum and every second year for Silver members.
    • Any Age Enrollment and Assured Renewability of the Policy for Life.
    • No extra loading on premium even if you claim
    • No sub-limit on ICU charges and Room Rent in the Hospital – Covered Up to Sum Insured.
    • Emergency Ambulance – Actual expenses covered up-to Sum Insured in across network hospitals.
    • Health Relationship Program – Health services and products up to 10% of expiring premium will be available every year on Renewal of the Policy.
    • All claims arising from emergencies from day one of the policy are covered.
    • Tax Saving: You also save Tax under Sec 80D of Income Tax Act. Tax benefits are subject to change in Tax laws.
    Max Bupa has over 11.3 million customers across 190 countries. In order to proceed with the policy the insurers cant contact at Toll Fee Help Line at: 1800-3010-3333.
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  • Web Question Answers is New Site under the popular Brand Name WQAINDIA. Though it is destined to be a Global Site but we do not want to hide our identity as our Head Quarters and origin is in India. Members are […]

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