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What to do for VLE’s under CSC after passing RAP exam?

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What to do for VLE’s under CSC after passing RAP exam?
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Insurance PremiumWhile VLE’s under CSC scheme had already been allowed to accept deposit of various Insurance Companies under one roof, with the Passing of RAP exams by the VLE’s enables them to reap more and more benefits by penetrating into remotest villages and provide the Insurance services in the most unbanked and uninsured areas of rural India.

Here are the few benefits for the VLE’s under CSC scheme after they pass the RAP exams:

  • All VLE’s who pass the RAP (Rural Authorized Person) exam of IRDA are awarded License to issue fresh Insurance Policies through their Common Service Center and the link gets activated with 1-2 weeks of passing the RAP exams.
  • Every VLE who qualifies the RAP exam gets FREE finger scanner device costing around Rs.2500 within 45 days of passing the exam through their state coordinator.
  • RAP license (Hard Copy) can also be obtained through state coordinators with 2-3 months time.

Through the Insurance Link the VLE’s can procure fresh business under the following categories:

  • Life Insurance: Currently VLE’s under CSC can undertake the fresh insurance business online of these 5 companies – 1. HDFC Life, 2. SBI Life, 3. Bajaj Allianz, 4. Aviva and 5. India First. While the representatives of these companies may visit you but VLE’s should try to get their OMT ID configurated through CSC Help Desk with these companies.
  • Motor Third Party Insurance: Reliance General Insurance has already activated their link while other more than 10 – about 13 companies are in the process of configuring their online services through CSC’s.
  • Personal Accidental Insurance: Though with the launch of Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, the personal accidental insurance has lost appeal yet high value lives can be insured using these services through CSC dashboard provided to VLE’s.
  • Farmers Package Policy – This unexplored area has wide potential and VLE’s need to create awareness in farmers community to opt for Insurance instead of making suicides.
  • Cattle and Livestock Insurance: VLE’s can book business under this category as they can offer competitive and low insurance premium rates.
  • Fire and Allied Dwellings Insurance: VLEs can market this product in middle class families as poor families may not have even dwellings of their own.

In addition to the above CSC offers huge incentives to VLE’s based on number of transactions under deposit of Insurance Premiums of more than 17 companies as shown above. All VLE’s are expected to become Agents of Change for changing India.

7 Responses to “What to do for VLE’s under CSC after passing RAP exam?”


    Sir, i am passed csc rap exam date on 12 july 2017, but, rap certificate not issue after the sucessful pass exam…..
    When issue the certificate?????

  2. kishor tavale says:

    What is the percentage of passing RAP exam

  3. Raju.A says:

    Sir, I already registered rap exam through my vle id. Now I download the trainng material and study that.
    But the assessment quistions are not related to the study materal.
    for example:
    chapter3. Fundamental Principles of Insurance
    1.How many days free look time available after receving Policy documents?
    2.If the employer has insurable interest in the life of an employee what kind of policy is this?

  4. Rajender Rawlani says:

    Dear sir

    My Question is

    रैप एग्जाम डेल्ही में कहा होता है

    • Profile photo of Ashok Goyal Ashok Goyal says:

      @Rajender, First of all ensure that you are an approved VLE with CSC ID and Digimail Account. When you apply for the RAP exam, you will be prompted to select the nearest examination center. If you have any other issue, please write your question/topic in detail in the “Ask Experts” or “Forums” to get detailed replies. You may also get scores and cash bucks by posting your question or topic in appropriate place.

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