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    Role of Banks in Indian Economy – Yesterday – Today and Tomorrow

    After independence the Indian Economy was a mixed economy and India’s Central Banking Authority known as Reserve Bank of India was nationalized on 1st of January, 1949 and Banking Regulation Act was promulgated in 1949 to regulate and control the Banks in India so that the Banks could play a major role in Indian Economy […]

    Right to Information – How to check EMI of Loans

    Are You worried about EMI even after having paid all Equated Monthly Installments of Bank Loans?  Even after regular repayment of personal loans, vehicle loans, consumer loans, home loans and educational loans the banks and lending institutions inform the borrower that their loan is still outstanding even after the full term of repayment of all […]

    How To Conduct Effective A/B Testing on Your BigCommerce eStore?

    A B testing often called as split testing is a process of comparing two variations of your online activities while experimenting it on your consumers

    How Does BigCommerce Allow You To Grow Online?

    BigCommerce is a renowned eCommerce platform and is considered as solution for every eCommerce need It comes at cost of other available solutions like Magento with no maintenance hosting or update expenses This platform is explicitly designed to serve SMEs and enterprise-grade retail

    Which ID and Address Proof is Most Reliable in India

    Indian Residents get so many ID Proofs and Address Proofs that they can get undue benefits by producing the ID and/or address proof of their choice. I am a CIBIL Consultant and while investigating and solving the problems of the public in general, I come across intricate problems which are the result of not having […]

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