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How Can I get the DigiLocker of Government of India free of cost?

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Government of India has started the facility of providing DigiLocker free of cost to Indian Citizens to keep important documents online. I tried to sign up but I could not sign up to keep my important documents. Can your experts tell me how to get DigiLocker offered by GOI?

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2 Responses to “How Can I get the DigiLocker of Government of India free of cost?”

  1. Ranjan Biswas says:

    I want my PAN in my mobile

  2. Ashok Goyal says:

    @Navneet, First of all you need to go to the link of Government of India at and sign up for digi locker using your Aadhaar Card Number. In case you have got your mobile number entered in aadhaar card then you will get OTP from UIDAI and by using the OTP you will be able to sign up and complete your DigiLocker Profile. Thereafter you can upload your important documents like PAN Number, PassPort and Certificate or Degrees alongwith copy of wills and title deeds. You can also e-verify your documents and for every document you will be asked to confirm through OTP on registered mobile. You can share the document with any authority via email and on sharing an automatic email from Digi Locker Team of Government of India will be generated by sending the link to your document. You can access all your uploaded documents anywhere anytime 24x7x365. To know more visit Digital India

    However in case your mobile number is not entered in your aadhaar number then you will get a message in red ink and for that purpose you will have to visit nearest aadhaar centre to get the mobile number and/or your email Id linked with Aadhaar Number. If mobile number is entered in your mobile number then you will be able to download your aadhaar in PDF file anywhere, anytime 24x7x365.

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