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Announcement of Janmashtami Gifts by WebQuestionAnswers!

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Announcement of Janmashtami Gifts by WebQuestionAnswers!
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Bal Gopal

(Without Upload of Profile Photo by the members we are not able to meet with the demand of the members to add the feature of online members in sidebar) This feature can be implemented only if majority of the members have uploaded their avatar (profile photo) through edit profile in their dashboard at WQA. To encourage all the members we have announced uniform Cash Incentive of Rs.5 per member for uploading their profile photo as per terms and conditions below: 

As our website has started generating revenue from advertising due to the active participation of the members, we are pleased to announce uniform Cash Reward of Rs.5 to the following members on the eve of Janamashtami :

  • All the existing members, who have already uploaded their Profile Photo at WebQuestionAnswers.
  • All the existing members, who have not yet uploaded their profile photo, but upload the same immediately or in future.
  • All the Newbies, who join the site on the eve of Janamashtami or in future.

We are distributing all our earnings among the members and members can check their Account here. In case the Cash Reward is not credited to your account on or before Janamashtami in respect of existing members, the members can raise their issue here. This award has been announced to recognise the efforts of the sincere members and to encourage the existing and new new members to upload their real photo which will not only keep the spammers away from the site and encourage the genuine members to have their verified profile at WebQuestionAnswers.

Moreover members are also invited to grab the opportunity of getting awarded complimentary scores of 150 from the site to earn the Gold Level Badge.

Soon coming out with heavy Cash Prizes to be won for associating social profiles through Profile > Edit Profile > Social Information. All this is being done to encourage real google verified authors and keep the spammers away. However in case you do not own any social profile like Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin then do not hesitate to join our site as our motive is not to discourage the newbies who have strong dzire to “Learn to Earn, Online or Offline by Ethical Means”.

Smiley Sharma
Technical Webmaster

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