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Development of Creativity

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It is a demise thought of me to find out unexpectedly, when pupils of senior and high senior grades, are incapable to continue of any creative development due to deprive of vocabulary words they want to use under the particular circumstantial-situation of a sentence in writing skill that they are producing through. Thus under such a horrible situation, I think they should always be allowed in a rhyme to use a good dictionary specially in the time writing any unknown creative thing or essay, composition, paragraph or report writing. More,they should also be encouraged to learn at least of many various articles from English newspapers that, too be asked by a teacher in a rhythmic manner.

Development of Creativity

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3 Responses to “Development of Creativity”

  1. Many more comments I want to learn on the topic. Thank you JB GUPTA Sir, for your commendable comment.

  2. JB GUPTA says:

    Use of dictionary can help the juniors to make meaningful sentences. To see live examples one can try getting meaningful meaning of following sentences:
    1. I saw a saw which could not saw.
    2. My dear deer is very dear.
    In the 1st sentence all the three words “saw” have different meaning and similarly in the 2nd sentence all the three similarly pronounced words “Dear or Deer” have something different to convey.

    Jai Bhagwan Gupta
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    • Dear Sir, With due respect to your comment, but on other hand I am talking of encasement of those vocabulary words that more or less can we expect from a senior and a high senior student even though we use simple sentences. I am talking also of the flow of fluency that is intend to produce from them within while writing an argumentative essay or an narrative or imaginative, or even an one-worded essay.

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