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Do you want minors to get benefit under juvenile act for committing rape in India?

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Supreme Court of India says that its hands are tied by law and SC can not stall release of juvenile in infamous Nirbhaya Delhi rape and murder case whereas Nirbhaya’s Mom says that Under-18s are Given License to Rape. Rajya Sabha is holding the Bill to treat offenders aged 16-18 as adults . Had Rajya Sabha cleared the bill which was passed by Lok Sabha then SC might have stalled the release of the then minor who was a party to Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case. Had you ward committed the same crime at the age of 16-18, would you like him to get the benefits under the prevailing juvenile act. At least I will not support the current juvenile act enabling minors to commit such heinous crimes fearlessly. Do you want minors to get benefit under juvenile act for committing rape in India?

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Samadhan Kender

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3 Responses to “Do you want minors to get benefit under juvenile act for committing rape in India?”

  1. S m agarwal says:

    Rape is only one crime. Differentiation needs to be on the basis of the gravity of crime, the passed law has included this. However, implementation would be honest, this is a big question. Corruption will play its role there too.

  2. Ashok Goyal says:

    A complex question does not have simple answer. In present days the children mature early and knows a lot thru internet. Teenage is the phase when a person loves adventures, not aware of illegality and consequences. Sex and attraction to other sex is a natural phenomena and a thing of curiosity at that age. In visual media including films the female is mostly shown as a doll for play. Though a major may constraint himself due to fear to legal action, a juvenile takes it as adventure and indulge in such gruesome acts. The coaxing and simple jokes by friends(including majors) encourages him to act. The cruel attitude at the time of action is also comes due to pervert learning imprinted on his mind. Now also think of the mind of a human irrespective of age. Does not have human have two faces, and many a times instead of getting angry and sympathetic(to the victim) enjoys such news, in mind. Other part of the question about punishment. Why punishments are given, whether to get the culprit reformed or inculcating fear in the minds of others to desist them from such acts. In any situation it is not easy to stop such incidents until the parents teach moral and civil sense to their wards and inculcate sense of following rules. The law passed is a knee jerk action. Society as a whole including everyone have to be sensitive to this issue only then a better atmosphere may be created. In my opinion, films and advertising are the biggest culprit and they show girls as a usable doll just for money and without thinking of society.and worse such things are shown in the garb of artistry too. A constructive thought and discussion should be undertaken. Thanks @Navneet to have raised the issue in public interest.
    Contributor: Courtsey +S M Agarwal, one of my best friends on Google+

  3. Spiderman says:

    @Navneet, Really, To deal with minors is not a minor issue as in developed countries the minors attain majority at an early stage and in some countries any individual with age of more than 13 can join the Facebook whereas in developing countries like India, this age is still 18 years. I fully agree with the author about reducing the age from 18 to 14 in India for treating minor offenders as adults so that we can arrest the crimes in the guise of minors taking the cover of prevailing juvenile act in India.

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