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How can I get approved for AdSense through WQA

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I joined the WQA only recently. I am also running my blog website at Samadhan Kender ( I want to get approved for adsense but when I apply for adsense message is generated that your blog is not having enough content and is not eligible for AdSense. How can I get approved for AdSense through WQA?

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Samadhan Kender

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One Response to “How can I get approved for AdSense through WQA”

  1. Ashok Goyal says:

    @navneet, I have checked your blog at Samadhan Kender and it is also not much old. In India, bloggers can apply after six months from the date of start of blog. As you have sub domain at WQA and your independent blog also, you can apply for AdSense after six months subject to the condition that either your own blog should have sufficient content or you fulfil the eligibility criteria at WQA.

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