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Thought of being Nothing

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It’s really a time,when nothing goes to happen in Life.People become Active or sudden Inactive.Time of being Confused,What’s going on and How?The best deal I’m gonna share that Do not think,Just give silent treatment to approach and be silent.Go for it….!!!!

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2 Responses to “Thought of being Nothing”

  1. Spiderman says:

    @rahulsharma, I could not get as to what is conveyed in your post and I could not keep myself silent for giving a silent treatment to your magic post. Wil you please explain it further?

    • Rahul says:

      It is my state of mind,which I posted.I know It’s not easy to catch but when one meets with such situation that He/She can neither be active nor inactive.Then,silent treatment works.May be I am wrong but I have been such..!!!!

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