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What is the procedure and benefits of posting articles on WebQuestionAnswers

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I want to post articles at WebQuestionAnswers. Can anybody tell the benefits and procedure for writing or posting articles at WQA?

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Samadhan Kender

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5 Responses to “What is the procedure and benefits of posting articles on WebQuestionAnswers”

  1. Jay Rathore says:

    Thanks to giving apporchnity to this topic we can disscussion in our proccess

    • Spiderman says:

      @jay_rathore, First of all let me welcome you to WQA for taking part in forum discussions. But you will please appreciate that public likes quality material on WQA. To rectify your sentence it should be Thanks for instead of Thanks to. Similarly instead of “giving apporchnity” it should have been “giving an opportunity”. Please try to post meaningful discussions and do not use this platform to promote 3rd party links. Upload your photo so that the members can easily recognize you by face.

  2. JB GUPTA says:

    @navneet, You have raised a very good topic for the benefit of all the new members of WQA and reply by @wqaindia, one of the webmasters of WQA is complete in all respects. WQA is paying its contributors handsomely and timely along with 100% sharing of adsense revenue.

    Jai Bhagwan Gupta
    Get CIBIL Report @ 150 Per Report
  3. Lily says:

    Thank you Ashok Sir(@wqaindia), It helped me a lot. Thank you @navneet for raising this useful question

  4. Ashok Goyal says:

    @Navneet, It is very easy to post articles on this website with Global Presence. Before I spell out the procedure to post articles I would like to share with you the following facts:

    It makes a Lot of Difference to write content articles at WQA.
    Existing approved adsense publishers can Associate their Publisher ID at WQA to earn 100% adsense revenue share direct in their adsense account.
    To avail 100% revenue share follow the procedure through AdSense Manager.
    WQA awards scores which are converted into cash to be paid direct in the Bank Accounts of authors through Payment Settings.

    Procedure for Posting Articles on Web Question Answers under more than 100 categories:

    Register an Author Profile at WQA by following the procedure on Home Page.
    After completing the profile the member has to login to his or her profile ID.
    In the Header Menu Bar select the “Add Article” in the drop down from “ARTICLES”.
    Post the Article with suitable SEO friendly Title and select any category out of more than 100 categories. However in case the desired category is not available then you can select Miscellaneous category and WQA will create category of your choice. WQA does not allow any article to remain posted in Miscellaneous category and all the articles get shifted to proper categories.
    Though WQA does not allow any external HTML links in the articles, but WQA considers allowing one external link for a 400 to 500 worded article on merits and need of the article.
    Copied content or copyrighted images are not allowed on WQA. WQA has provided the Check Copied Content tool on their website to check the copied content. Members must check their content as Plagiarism is not welcome on the site.
    Looking towards good articles from your side…Best Wishes..

    Ashok Goyal,
    Consult me for CIBIL Problems

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