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WQA introduces unique feature of Article on Demand

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WQA introduces unique feature of Article on Demand

Dear Members/Users/Visitors,

Sometime people search for resources on topics of their own choice and all searches on the world wide web disappoint them when they do not find the topics of their choice. Are you one of such disappointed individuals tired of searching your desired topic on the web? Keeping in view the genuine problem of not finding the right topic or content on the web, WQA has come out with unique feature of “Article-on-Demand“. You are just to let us know the exact topic of the article and our expert authors will collect the information scattered on the web in wikipedias, blogs, scholarly articles, google and yahoo searches. Our expert authors will also filter the information on the web and authentic information will be made available to the individual for the topic of “Article-on-Demand” whereas the general public will also get benefitted to find the consolidated information at one place. For example, I received an email from one of the thousands of fans of WQA wherein she demanded the information on “VIKALP” scheme introduce by Indian Railways only recently. The matter was  referred to one of our authors Mr.Navneet Sood and he immediately came out with the article at What are Positive and Negative features of Vikalp by indian Railways. What are you thinking now? You are not to write any article  or review. Just put up your demand in the comments below and we assure you that your “Article-on-Demand” will be published in 72 hours time and it will also be mailed to you especially. Avail of this Unique Facility absolutely Free.

Ashok Goyal,
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2 Responses to “WQA introduces unique feature of Article on Demand”

  1. Navneet Sood says:

    @spiderman, I have summarised the guidelines and published the article with the title How to apply for the post of AAO with LIC of India.

    Team Member
    Samadhan Kender
  2. Spiderman says:

    Can any expert at WQA summarise the detailed guidelines about “How to apply for the post of AAO with LIC of India”

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