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Get CIBIL Report @Rs.150 from CIBIL Consultants

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Get CIBIL Report @Rs.150 from CIBIL Consultants
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With the Linking of Aadhar with other ID Proofs and Address Proofs, the Credit Rating Agencies are updating their Credit Information Data on their servers and now the Loan accounts which hitherto escaped being reported in Credit Reports are reappearing in refreshed CIBIL Reports. Credit Reports of the Public are changing very fast and it is a costly and difficult affair to get a Genuine CIBIL Report. But CIBIL Consultants have launched their much awaited Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan for Individuals enabling them to get CIBIL Report at rates as low as Rs.150 per Report under their Annual Package.

What do you Get via Silver Credit Annual Health Checkup Plan:

CIBIL Consultants is a result oriented Credit Counsellor in Northern India with a Unique Online Portal for solving all types of difficult CIBIL Problems. They have come out with customized Silver and Gold Credit Annual Health Checkup Plans for individuals enabling hassle-free monitoring of their Credit Scores and Reports at rates as low as Rs.150 per CIBIL Report.

  • CIBIL Consultants provide 24 CIBIL Reports instantly either on Demand or on fortnightly basis on 5th and 20th of every month during the subscription period of 12 months. Effective Cost of each CIBIL Report comes to just Rs.150 per CIBIL Report along with CIBIL Score, Name of the Lending Bankers, Loan Account Numbers, and Status of the Account.
  • CIBIL Consultants provide addition reports over and above 24 reports during the annual subscription period of 12 months and extra reports can be had any number of times on demand at an extra cost of Rs.300 per additional report.
  • CIBIL Consultants provide Expert Opinions and Analysis on demand from their Super Experts at an extra cost of Rs.500 per Report. However, in case you wish to have Expert Opinion along with all the 24 CIBIL Reports then it will be better for you to subscribe to their Gold Credit Health Checkup Plan which provides Expert Opinion at a very low cost of Rs.150 per Opinion per Report.
  • Having solved the CIBIL Problems of thousand of Individuals and Companies, the CIBIL Consultants also provide solutions to various CIBIL Problems like:
  1. Removal of Strangers Loan Accounts from Credit Reports
  2. Change of Loan Status from “Settled” to “Clear and Closed” with Normal Status.
  3. Change of Loan Status from “Written Off” to “Clear and Closed” with Normal Status.
  4. Change of Loan Status from “Active” to “Clear and Closed” with Normal Status.
  5. Any other CIBIL Problem, which is hard to be cracked.
  • Individual, Firms, and Companies can contact these CIBIL Consultants to know more about their Professional fees and Resolution Charges.

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  1. JB GUPTA says:

    I have subscribed to Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan from CIBIL Consultants. It is a wonderful Credit Health Checkup Plan providing CIBIL Report on Demand @Rs.150 per instant. The CIBIL Report being provided under the Package is complete in all respects and is decoded with the name of Lending Banker and Loan Account Numbers clearly disclosed.

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