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How to add adsense short codes within posts-I

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While our team is working round the clock to convert this site to an Adsense API Host Site. By the time we make it possible for the members can joining our site and get  qualified to be approved for adsense after achieving the Eligibility Criteria being  laid down as per Google Adsense Terms of Service. Before the application reaches the Google Adsense Review Team, we will make it sure that it is not disapproved becuase of quality standards fixed by adsense team.

We will make our members, authors and publishers to put their adsense codes in short form in the body part of their published resources. We have developed the short codes for following ad sizes to be put in the resources body by the content writers themselves at ease subject to maximum of 2 ads.

336×280, 728×90, 300×250, 468×60

For example for Ad size  = 300×250 we have made it possible just to put in the the ad code in brackets like [Code in Green] along with brackets  where code in Green = ADSENSE 300*250 and you are done. If you have associated your Adsense Publisher ID with our site then this Ad Code will show ads with your ad code only.

Continue Part-II for more sizes so as not to violate the adsense TOS. As the feature has been automated now the members need not add the shortcodes manually. Rather the members who have put it short codes manually before 28th Nov 2015, the date of automation, may remove the short codes from their articles and they will still earn 100% adsense revenue for Lifetime from their already published articles at WQA.

However now 100% automation has been activated to display ads with your publisher ID as per procedure at AdSense Manager so that members can earn 100% revenue share.

Smiley Sharma
Webmaster and Managing Editor

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