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20 Tips on Benefits of Daily Exercise

“Early to Bed and Early to Rise, Makes a Man or Woman, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” – is an old saying though it may not hold good in the modern world when the whole world has turned into a Global village where the individuals sitting in India might be working for their clients in Germany, Australia, Canada or […]

Ginseng – Wonder Herb – Build Immunity and Stamina

Ginseng Root Ginseng is a slow growing herb, which consists of a light colored root, a single stalk and long oval green leaves. Ginseng contains complex carbohydrates called saponins or ginsengsines. It possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer elements. Ginseng’s original name was “man root” since the ginseng root resembles the shape of a human body. Ancient […]

Health Bulletin – Build Up Your Bodily Resistance

By building up your bodily resistance you can fight infections which are inevitable in the second half of your life after you turn up 50 years. Our blood stream is the river of life which nourishes every part of our body. Blood stream is a two way  river – one is arterial blood stream carrying nourishment along with oxygen for […]

Umbilical cord stem cell banking – Futuristic approach

Stem cells are the body’s “master” cells that regenerate and turn into the cells that form all of the tissues, organs, and systems in the human body. The different cell types within the body are all derived from such cells- and hence the name. Stem cells are undifferentiated, “blank” cells that do not yet have […]

Health Tips – Forget Your Age to Look Younger Live Longer

Feel and think that I can live to be 100 years old. Suppose your are 1963 born then speak it loud that that you will see the year 2063 and feel that you are just 50 years old today. I am sure you will begin to feel young. What are you thinking? Just speak out […]

Health Tips – Introcuction to antioxidants

Why the South Koreans, Chinese, United States players pick up Gold Medals is Olympics ? Mainly due to their diet which keeps them fit and strong. We shall be discussing as to how to maintain Body’s immune system to fight against ageing process. Anti oxidants are the most essentials for slowing down the ageing process. […]

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