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How to add adsense short codes within posts-I

While our team is working round the clock to convert this site to an Adsense API Host Site. By the time we make it possible for the members can joining our site and get  qualified to be approved for adsense after achieving the Eligibility Criteria being  laid down as per Google Adsense Terms of Service. Before the application reaches […]

How to Register at Web Question Answers – Welcome Message

New Registration Process at Web Question Answers is thrown open to the public for registration, activation and completion of the profile by the members. On feed back received from the members we have found that the public needs to be provided with Help and guidelines so as to save their precious time to get registered on Web Question […]

Leave letter format for college school students

Want a letter format on how to write leave application to your college school Principal Learn in this article how to do it A sample letter format for leave application is presented in this article

Eligibility criteria for getting approved as Adsense Publisher through WQA requires members to meet atleast 5 out of six requirements stated below before applying for AdSense through AdSense API revenue sharing profile: Profile details with Address updated Minimum 10 approved articles of minimum 500 words each Member should have achieved Gold Level Received at least one Award Member should have been active for […]

How to authorize-third-party-access-in-AdSense?

The existing adsense publishers can allow trusted third party sites to insert and display their adsense ads by following the steps below: Open your Google Adsense dashboard. Through the gear icon on the right side corner of your adsense dashboard just click the settings. Through menu on the left sidebar go to Site Authorisation under access […]

How to design Mobile hook units for optimizing CTR in Chitika?

We have prepared the snippet of the personalized code as given below. You are just to copy the snippet of the personalized code and paste the same to your website preferably below a block of content. Watch increase in user engagement and increase in revenue. Just replace wqaindia in [ cmClient = ‘wqaindia’;] with your […]

Images Posting Guidelines

Why these guidelines? As this site and connected blogs use Google Adsense, the premium advertising media and as per their terms of service and conditions they do not permit to use any copied or copyrighted content or images. As regards images alone, even if the same are not copyrighted the images created on the internet […]

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