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Bhooli Bisri Khatti Meethi Sunheri Yaadein – Pat-I – Starting Point

Do not go by the date updated above as I started writing it on 30/10/2017. Why did I start writing my autobiography today that is 30/10/2017? Today, as per Hindu Lunar Calendar, is my Birthday. I do not have many memories relating to First Part of my life i.e. 0-5 years. My Parents before moving to Sangrur […]

Foreword – Bhooli Bisri Khatti Meethi Sunheri Yaadein – My Autobiography

Autobiography is not the story of a life; it is the recreation or the self-discovery. In writing of experiences, you will discover yourself, and in the writing, you will create the pattern you seem to have lived. Often, of course, autobiography is merely a collection of well-rehearsed anecdotes; but, intelligently written, it is the revelation, […]

My Autobiography – Bhooli Bisri Khatti Meethi Sunheri Yaadein

Coming Soon : Autobiography of the author based on his life covering all Sweet and Bitter Experiences of life with real-life situations – Ups and Downs, Success and Failures, Win and Loose, Honesty and Dishonesty, Love and Hate, Healthy and Sick, Affluence and Deprivation, Satisfaction and Greed, Politeness and Rudeness, Teacher and Student, Guru and Pupil, Parent and Child […]

Quick Search – Ashok Goyal – Founder Author – Web Question Answers

Ashok GoyalAshok Goyal Launched Web Question Answers on June  24, 2012. Born October 13, 1956, at Rajpura 140401 Punjab India. (Actual: Oct 30, 1956, at Charkhi Dadri in Haryana, India) Residence 448 Dalima Vihar, Rajpura 140401 Punjab India Nationality Indian Ethnicity Hindu Alma Matter C.A.I.I.B. (Certified Associate Life Member of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, […]

Speak Truth and Forget – My Quotable Quote

We are living a modern world with more and more challenges of life. Mutual Trust is eroding day by day. Due to inter connectivity we are interacting with more and more people in the virtual world of social networks. Mobiles and internet has made it possible for us to contact any individual. It is my […]

Bhooli Bisri Khatti Meethi Sunheri Yaadein – How to Start With

I created an Autobiography Link on my website without any idea about “How to write an autobiography“. When I searched the web I found that it was not a Child’s Play and in the present context when rich resources are available at one’s command, one would like to document each and every part of the autobiography as in today’s materialistic and […]

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