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    Tips on Harmful effects of Smoking

    Statutory Warning : Smoking is injurious to health. Quit Smoking as soon as Possible and send us certificate from Chief Medical Officer of any Government Hospital to claim your surprise Gift from Web Question Answers.   Public is warned against the harmful effects of smoking as the Cigarette, you smoke, contains no food or nutrition value […]

    Healthy Tips for IT Engineers

    Do you know that human body also depreciates or deteriorates due to overuse, misuse in similar way as the machineries depreciate over a period of time. One must relax and take rest to recoup the body cells. IT engineers have to work for long hours on computers and they have no fixed timings due to nature of the job. […]

    Tips on Drinking Water

    आयुर्वेद के हिसाब से आग जलेगी तो खाना पचेगा,खाना पचेगा तो उसका रस बनेगा|जो रस बनेगा तो उसी रस से मांस,मज्जा,रक्त,वीर्य,हड्डिया,मल,मूत्र और अस्थि बनेगा और सबसे अंत मे मेद बनेगा|ये तभी होगा जब खाना पचेगा|   अब ध्यान से पढ़े इन् शब्दों को मांस की हमें जरुरत है हम सबको,मज्जा की जरुरत है ,रक्त की […]

    Excellent Tips by Warren Buffet

    Join our Main Website Welcome to our latest blog under the name and style “Weekly Tips for U”. We will be creating a collection of picturesque view of excellent tips by us and well know personalities from the world. We will be posting only images of  valuable and practical tips. Tips may include Health Tips, Financial Tips, […]

    Golden Rules for Aging Gracefully

    Lead Comfortable Life Style after Retirement Aging or retiring gracefully is a concern all over the world irrespective of caste, creed, gender, nationality or religion as everybody want to have comfortable and luxurious independent retired life when one crosses the superannuation age or becomes senior citizen. Super senior citizens above the age of 80 years […]

    Neither Follow Nor Share – Social Networking – Virtual World

    Modern World is the virtual world on the web. There is a lot of classified and unclassified information on the web. All Social Networking Sites are spreading their wings and to spread a rumor, gossip and event – no effort is required. Governments all over the world are duty-bound to protect their citizens from unwanted, […]

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