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Neither Follow Nor Share – Social Networking – Virtual World

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Neither Follow Nor Share – Social Networking – Virtual World
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Social NetworkingModern World is the virtual world on the web. There is a lot of classified and unclassified information on the web. All Social Networking Sites are spreading their wings and to spread a rumor, gossip and event – no effort is required. Governments all over the world are duty-bound to protect their citizens from unwanted, illegal content which can spread hat-redness, sex, violence, and unauthenticated information which can harmful for Society. But can we stop it?
The answer is big “NO” as the Governments all over the world do not have the Will Power to control Social Media, may it be any form. There seem to be no Law to restrict or discipline the Social Media so that future generations are not misled by content spreading on the web. Every Website, Blog showing any legal or illegal, violent or non-violent, porn videos or tutorial videos have the above social plugins and buttons displayed on their sites.
Tweet this, Like us on Facebook, Follow on Google+, Email this, Share this through hundreds of sharing gadgets like Pinterest, stumble upon. But why the websites or blogs ask for Like Us, Follow Us and Share this and that by putting  Social Plugins in such a way that one is prompted to or accidently clicks on Pop-in windows and once the content gets shared it gets multiplied geometrically as such sharing can be activated by audience in the age group 13+ and above. In my opinion, we can protect the future generations from ill effects of the virtual world if we collectively follow the under noted guidelines:
Facebook and all other Social Net Working sites must not allow their Social Plug- ins to be installed on websites, blogs, and videos displaying illegal content and content harmful to the Society. Moreover, these social networking sites must not permit more than one Profile ID or Fake ID. Even Google and Yahoo sites must not permit more than one Email ID and that to be also permitted after it gets verified from a genuine source of information (verifiable online) like Passport Number, Voter Card Number, Social Security Number, Visa Credit Card Number, Unique ID Number, Permanent Income Tax Account Number, Driving License Number and above all through valid IP Address of the PC/Laptop/Mobile Connection duly verifiable and registered in the name of the Individual who is creating the ID. Now the question is that we, as a civilized society, will like the under privileged also to be a part of a modernized developed world. How can we achieve it? The social networking sites or Google and Yahoo like services providing email ID’s can ask the New Profile ID seekers to provide a reference of existing verified Email ID to whom email may be sent for verification and after verification only the new Profile ID may be allowed to be created/activated. When a person is asking for a Google/Facebook/Yahoo Profile – I think he or she must be having at least one friend or family member who can vouch for his/her antecedents.
It is never too late to start a noble idea to protect the future generations from  ill effects of Virtual World and the Governments world over need to show their will power by bringing about changes through legislative measures as CyberCrime and online Impersonation will be biggest challenge in the near future.
Above all – ask one question to yourself – while clicking Like Us, Follow Us, on Facebook, Google Circles, Tweet this, Re-tweet this,  have you any valid reason and can you track the future personality of the Person or reliability of the Website whereas your liking and following might have made the person or Website popular among your Google/Yahoo Circles and Facebook friends while you might have changed your opinion about the person or website you liked before. It is a reality that even your class mates may go on different paths after they grow up and websites or producers may take U-Turn in their policies after becoming popular. How can we deal with this situation? First of all the Social Plug ins and buttons when clicked must prompt the visitor for “Reasons for Liking/Following – predefined reasons or Others.” and also ask for “Expiry Date or Permanent Liking” of such liking or following as Liking/tastes/followings go on changing over a period of time.  Alternatively to meet with the current situation liking or recommendations of more than six months may become redundant and statistics should get changed automatically. All such Social Plugins and buttons must have Expiry Date – I mean to say that in case the person who initially liked/followed/shared/tweeted an individual’s philosophy or a product or a website/video – if that very person does not make any contact with the individual/Product/Website/Video/Place/Service Center – the analytic’s and statistics of Number of Likes, Google Followers must get automatically reduced so as to depict the true statistics of Likes/Followers in the current situation. These steps will reduce the incidence of misleading audience i.e. the virtual word.
Note : This article was written by the author on 06th of November 2012 but and Facebook and Social Networks have started thinking on the same lines as about a month back when the author forgot the password to sign in the Facebook account, the Facebook asked to get the email verified through a friend’s email. This post is being updated by the author today on 24th of April,2013 as the author is of the considered opinion that later or sooner national governments all over the world will ensure that social networks do not become the rulers on the web and they check national ID of their users. There is no harm in doing so. Let us make the world to adopt the policy to Speak Truth and Forget so that the world wide web becomes more and more reliable. Moreover, the author fails to understand that what is not good for Americans, Britishers, and Europeans – how the same can be good for Indians. The readers have correctly guessed my concern that so many security checks and Child Locks or parental controls have been applied in the advanced world whereas the developing countries have been left high and dry. It is my earnest appeal to IT Ministry in my country to steer the internet from India’s point of view. It is never too late to take the corrective steps to not only protect the national citizens from the threats of wars, terrorists or natural calamities but also to protect the future generations from the cultural invasion taking place through uncontrolled internet, social networks without knowing the exact implications and impacts of use of internet on laptops, smartphones through more and more download of software applications.
Latest update on 01 Aug 2015.
Author’s update dated 02-04-2017: I wanted to update this article yesterday, the 1st of April,2017 but postponed it to be updated on 2nd April, 2017 lest audiences may not ignore the update as an April Fools Day Hoax. Believe it or not, the major internet companies like Google and Facebook have taken a decision of open only Aadhaar Verified accounts in India to keep away the fraudulent activity

2 Responses to “Neither Follow Nor Share – Social Networking – Virtual World”

  1. deepak dang says:

    Social security in virtual world is very important and any app which is 100% guaranteed to ensure security from spam mails, phishing, malwares etc. must be loaded on all computers. Software engineers can make out such programme at a quite cheaper rates. They should encourage people to purchase it at a nominol price instead of selling it to big cos. at a higher price for onward selling at a price which encourage to download after breaking security.

    • Neha Goyal says:

      Deepak, Security never comes for free, may it be Social security, Financial security, Online Security, Food security, Medical Security. Security is going to be the main center of futuristic technologies as the security experts themselves have the code to break security. Take the case of Edward Snowden, Contractor for National Security Agency of United States and former employee of C.I.A. However to protect against fishing mails the ordinary users need to know about online security at

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