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Web Question Answers is a social portal providing a range of web-based resources on the best blogging system for its users, members, authors and content writers.  It was founded by Ashok Goyal  in June 2012. The portal offers information on blogs about Health Tips, Technology, Job opportunities, Utilities, Entertainment, Tourism, Law Matters, Published Judgments, Social Security, Online Security for Financial Transactions, Taxation, Insurance, Loans, Banking and Investments, RBI Policy and Latest News, Tourism, Travel, Fashion, Blogging Tips. The portal is to be upgraded to a professional questions answers site along with job information.
The site participates in the Google Adsense program, sharing 100% of Adsense revenue to its users till arrangements are made for revenue sharing model through Adsense API host site integration and is got approved by Google.  The site also pays some of its contributors directly or indirectly. Contributions are reviewed by dedicated team of editors. Currently this portal is functional with its Founder Team headed by Ashok Goyal and has been thrown open to the public for registration. While some of the sections have already been made operational we plan to make variety of panels operational latest by 1st of January,2014 when highly skilled editors and a few backup and trainee editors are to be employed by the site administrators. Our following sections will provide a good opportunity for the members to contribute and participate in our revenue sharing model for which our webmasters and founders are working round the clock since June, 2012:
Ask Experts Section  :  Public will be free to ask any questions to our experts subject to Content Posting Guidelines and Terms of Use. Members will be free to answer the questions asked by the audiences and the questioners or other members will rate the answer as good or bad.  All correct answers will be awarded points to be either redeemed in cash directly in their bank accounts or discount coupons.
  1. Post Article : We firmly believe that every individual has some unique qualities, unique knowledge base and unique innovative ideas. Through this section, we invite the audiences to share their knowledge on any subject within the “Content Posting Guidelines” and without hurting anybody,  without use of abusive language and/or posting such content which may violate the “Terms of Use” of this site. Audiences can comment on such article to rectify the author or by making value addition to the article but even if you are give negative comments it should be in polite and humble language as you would expect of others if you post your own knowledge sharing article on the site.  We promote articles of more than 500 words so as to be comprehensive. Members can earn points, cash and Adsense Revenue from their articles on this site.
  2. Discussion Forum : Members can discuss anything related to India, like politics, tourist places, educational institutions, government policies. Member can use the forum to discuss anything about this site including requests, suggestions, complaints or anything else with the policy guidelines of the site. We shall also be adding Poll Opinion to Discussion Forum and members will be free to seek Opinion Poll on issues of national interest and in the best interest of the society so as to form an opinion of audience but no opinion poll can be initiated which could be targeted against any individual, community or religion or may be considered in violation of the law of the land. As opinion polls, after the voting gets started, can not be deleted, the members will be personally responsible for the subject of the opinion poll.  Members can initiate polls like “What do you expect from the Finance Minister in the next budget 2014-15” with up to 5 options including one option as “None of the above” or “All of the above”.
  3. Jobs Opportunities : In the times to come this section will be the prize asset of the site to be developed by you and only you after the Articles and Ask Experts section. We are of the opinion that youth power of any nation can transform the nation as a whole if given the proper direction. We expect from our unemployed youth to spare 4-5 minutes to post the Job Opportunities, they are aware of, so that others can also participate. Millions of unemployed youth can build up a job data to be shared among their friends and contacts on this site and earn their pocket money as a student in their spare time as we award points for each and every verified job posted on the site. Please post the job at least 30 days in advance from the closing date. Even recruiters or recruitment agencies or even placements departments of educational institutions are welcome to post job opportunities on our site. We also acknowledge the members by awarding Certificate of Recognition.
  4. Product Reviews : Here members can review the products they bought or used so as to tell the online community about the features or shortcomings of such products. Members can post here comparative studies of similar products of different brands and get awarded in the shape of point. New Launches can also be posted here even by the launchers and/or members.
  5. Expansion Program: As already published everywhere on the site, this site will work on “No Profit No Loss” basis without any commercial motive and its members will be intrinsic strength of the site. Editors will be selected out of deserving members to work on honorary basis and they will be provided with certain privileges over and above the normal members. We plan to launch an IT Center as per our exclusive expansion program in consultation with our senior members, editors and webmasters.
Along with its Adsense Revenue sharing program, WebQuestionAnswers also plans to have other affiliate links as revenue sharing program in future as this is a “No Profit No Loss” website distributing the income of the website amongst its members as per scores, cash bucks accumulated by the members in their profile at WebQuestionAnswers.

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