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Upload Invoice

Before uploading your Invoice for receiving payment from WebQuestionAnswers, please ensure that:

  1. That your name is announced in the list of Members eligible to Receive Payment.
  2. You have saved your Secret PIN in Payment Settings.
  3. You need to download our standard invoice.
  4. You have filled in the details of payment announced and Invoice Number, generated by our system in payment announcements, in the Invoice format.
  5. You have saved the invoice with all details filled in along with invoice number in doc or docx format.
  6. Now you can upload your invoice through Upload Invoice to receive payment through NEFT directly to your Bank Account.
You need to Login if you are already a registered member at WebQuestionAnswers and if you are a New Member then please Register on the site first to "Learn and Earn, Online or Offline by ethical means only.
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