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6 Tips to Build Self-confidence

In today s fast paced digital world it is very essential to have confidence in whatever you do either in your workplace in a office or at your home and outside

Greed is root cause of all Evils

Quote by Mahatma Gandhi : “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”. Greed is endless and can never be satisfied. It is the main cause of all evils in the society like Dowry, Corruption, Favoritism, Not to Speak Truth, Cheating, Stealing. If you want to earn without limits then […]

Try Try Again – Failure is the Key to Success

Hello Everybody, We are starting with a short story “Failure is the Key to Success” and one should not keep trying till he or she attains his or her goal. Can you imagine that when you were just 10 months old baby, how you learnt to walk on your feet. Your parents will get you […]

Speak Truth and Forget

Who speaks truth fearlessly? It is the Mirror. Can you cheat a mirror? No, not at all as Mirror speaks truth.  Similarly any individual has two personality traits – the one for the outside world and the other known to none other than yourself only. A true person need not maintain two personalities and his or her […]

Where there is a Will there is a Way

Hello Young Minds, What is willpower? Where from it comes and what can be done with strong will power. Will Power in brief is to have strong will to achieve an objective good or bad. When their is strong will power then all the internal and external forces work in one and only one direction […]

Think Before You Speak

Everything is worth thinking but may not be worth speaking also therefore to make your behavior forceful you must choose your words carefully. A wise man thinks before speaking but a foolish one thinks after speaking. The difference is only in before and after therefore while speaking words should be chosen with great sense of […]

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