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Government Sectors are better than Private Sectors

It is a hard fact that in a country like India Government Sectors are better than the Private Sector. Liberalization Process started in 1991 that is after 44 years of independence. If we calculate the same term that is 44 years after 1991 it will be the year 2035 that is 22 years hence. You […]

How do you verify any product as Duplicate or Original

Purchasing Bisleri mineral water bottle? Think twice, it might be duplicate and you may be paying for normal water looking alike with Bisleri mineral water packed in similar looking water bottle. It is very difficult for the consumers to verify the originality of the products, they are purchasing. They may be buying  spurious products by […]

BCSBI – Helpline for your Financial Problems – Bank Defaulters

  The Banking Codes and Standards Board of India   022 – 26573715, 26573724. 022 – 26573719.   Reserve Bank of India Building, C-7, 4th Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai – 400 051. Credit Counselling Scheme of The Banking Codes and Standards of India. •  Coverage:  Credit Counselling will be provided only to the borrowers of […]

Mobile Number Portability – Customer guide for availing facility

Contact the new mobile service provider to whom you want to port your mobile number.                                   Obtain Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) & Porting Form.  Read the eligibility, probable reasons for porting rejection and other conditions carefully. If eligible, fill up the CAF […]

Online Payment of Utility Bills

Due to increase in population and consumers the service industry like Insurance, Banking, Internet Service Providers, Electric Companies, Telephone Service Providers like BSNL, MTNL and Local bodies are facing the problem to collect their monthly bills from consumers. In today’s modern world neither the consumer have the time to stand in queues not the companies […]

Helpline – Customer Speaks – Suggestion-cum-Complaint Hub India

Drop Your Complaint or Suggestion Here.  We feel that Public, in General, is not aware of the Websites and Links where online Complaints can be made for redressal of their grievances. We will be updating this Page every day and we seek the participants of the Bloggers, online community to build this page to make it available to […]

Loan Approvals Banks and FI’s – Credit Rating

  YOUR CREDIT INFORMATION CIBIL is Credit Rating Agency where one can get information about the Credit Score and Loans Outstanding with Banks and Financial Institutions. Almost all Banks and Financial Institutions are its members and these Banks and FIs check CIBIL report before deciding their approval for the loan applied. Sometimes Credit Report of a […]

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