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How I got my Business [CIBIL Consultants] Confirmed on Whats App Business?

Facebook and Google are verifying the Business on Facebook and Google respectively and the Businesses have to undergo various security and identity checks to get verified My business at CIBIL Consultants Dalima Vihar Rajpura Punjab India is not only verified by Facebook and Google but it has also been verified by Linkedin Now Whatsapp the most popular messaging system is

WooCommerce or Magento: Which E-commerce Solution is Better?

More and more website owners are migrating to Magento for their eCommerce Solutions in the recent past While WooCommerce is a Wordpress Plugin to convert any WordPress website into an online store Magento is an open source Powerful eCommerce platform which can be developed and customised as per needs of the online stores by Dedicated Magento Developers

How Important is Aadhar Biometrics to You?

News has started pouring in that Aadhar Biometrics are being misused by Network Providers while linking Aadhar with Mobile SIM Cards Few Case of Frauds has been reported This article explains as to how to securely disable or enable your Aadhar Biometrics to avoid getting misused

Google Cloud adds support for more powerful Nvidia GPUs

Google Cloud Platform announced support for some powerful Nvidia GPUs on Google Compute Engine today. For starters, the company is making Nvidia K80 GPUs generally available. At the same time, it’s launching support for Nvidia P100 GPUs in Beta along with a new sustained pricing model. For companies working with machine learning workloads, having access […]

What is an IP Address or Internet Protocol Address

Every device like Personal Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Smart Phone which is used to access the internet is allotted  a unique number like consisting of four numbers separated by dots. This is what is called Internet Protocol or IP address. This IP Address can provide the General IP information like IP Number, ISP the Internet […]

Easy Way to Validate E-filed I-T Return through EVC

Gone are the days when one had to physically file the income tax returns involving tedious paper work which was very time consuming. Keeping in view the difficulty of the public the Government of India has made it possible for any tax payer to e-file his or her income tax return online using internet from […]

What are Sub Domains, Add On Domains and Parked Domains

Sub Domains: If you have domain name of your own for websites then you can create sub domains which will work as separate website. You need not purchase new domain name. In the example the portion www is basically the sub domain and it is also called naked domain name. For example if you are […]

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