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How to Login

How to login – Help and Guidelines

 First of all visit the Registration Page through Register Link.

  1. Fill in the Registration form with Unique User ID. Members will not be able to change their User ID.
  2. Provide active email account. This is required to verify member’s profile and will not be visible to other members and will not be disclosed to any one.
  3. Select a strong alphanumeric Pass Word. Members can change their password any time through edit profile and even in case the members forget their password, they can ask for new password reset through forgot password. Members will receive a link in their mail box (Check Spam Box also) to reset your Password.
  4. Members are requested to add the email contact of our site in their contacts so that email notifications do not land in the spam box due to member’s existing filter spam settings. However members can Unsubscribe to any type of email from Web Question Answers, if they accidently clicked the subscribe buttons or the members can set their email subscription option of their own preference. We hate spamming and no spam mail is sent to any member without the member’s subscription.
  5. It is preferred that Real Name is provided during registration as it has many benefits for the members in future to get a Verified Google Authorship featured profile in search results. Google Search Engines and other popular search engines provide better Page Rank to real and verified authors.
  6. Click the Complete Sign Up to get registered.
  7. Members will see a message as under:

Check Your Email To Activate Your Account! You have successfully created your account! To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address.

How to activate your account – Help and Guidelines 

  1. Visit updates in your mail inbox  and look for the mail headline as under:

[Web Question Answers] Activate your Account.

  1. Just Click the activation link in your mail and your account gets activated immediately.

How to Complete Profile – Help and Guidelines: 

  1. Just Log in with your chosen User ID and Password.
  2. Upload your Real Photo through “Change Avatar”. Crop the image as per your liking and save.
  3. Through edit menu check your information under Public Info (Visible to Public only) and Profile Info (for administration purpose), where active members are to fill in their gender, State, Country, City, Pin Code or Zip Code, Mobile Number, Address.
  4. While editing you can also associate your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn Profile URL under Social Information, which will be of great benefit to become featured authors on the web. However do not mind if you have not yet created any Social Profile.
  5. How to edit,  associate and verify your Social Network Profiles like G+, FB, Twitter and Linkedin.
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