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What are the Limitations of Credit Reports fetched by Banks?

Banks and Lending Institutions in India fetch the CIBIL Credit Report of the Loan applicant in the first instance and if the Individual CIBIL Score is less than and in case of firms and companies the CMR Rank is more than then the Bankers are put on Risk Alert

Future Roles of CIBIL Credit Scores and Reports

So far the CIBIL Reports or Credit Reports were used by lending Bankers and Financial Institutions to sanction loans to individuals firms and companies but now the CIBIL Reports Credit Reports CIBIL Scores and Credit Scores have become the most important tools to check the Credit Health of any Individual Company or Firm not only by Banks and Lending Institutions

Myths and Facts as FAQ on Submission of 15G and 15H

It has been observed that Public is submitting form G and H in a casual manner at their own sweet will The public is submitting G or H in respect of part of their Fixed Deposit Receipts The same Person is submitting G or H in one bank while opting for TDS in another Bank It is unethical and illegal

CIBIL Problem? Poor Score? Bad Credit Report? How to improve CIBIL Report?

CIBIL Problems are increasing day by day Even genuine borrowers end up in rejection of their loan applications due to incorrect CIBIL Reports or misreporting in CIBIL Reports More and More CIBIL Consultants are coming forward to help the borrowers with defective or poor Credit Reports In this article we are introducing the public with genuine CIBIL Consultants with more

Our Brand – WQAINDIA

Your Trust Our Inspiration Brand Names are not established in a day or two. It takes a long time to get established as a Brand Name. We make friends after thorough testing and testing through hard times and Trust is reposed in only a few friends. Changing the loyalty is like divorcing a life partner when you are convinced […]

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