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    Divya Mantra – Spiritual Remedies | Yantras & Kawach | Feng shui & Vastu | Rudraksha & Gemsi & Vastu | Rudraksha & Gems

    Divyamantra provides an an excellent range of spir

    How to open a new Bank Account?

    KYC is necessary for opening a Bank Account.

    About Pass Book

    What is a Pass Book? A Pass Book can be defined as a paper booklet issued by a banker to a customer recording therein entries of deposits and withdrawals made. Alternatively it can also be said to be a copy of ledger maintained by the banker showing all types of entries relating to an account of […]

    How to assess the current market price of your domain?

    Popular domains with SEO done fetch high prices.

    How to merge Duplicate Accounts on Social Networks_Linkedin

    When I was just one year old at the internet I found that I many Social Profiles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter,  Linkedin and other social profiles and I used to get mails in my 5 or 6 mail accounts where I used to get messages from my friends and contacts. I never bothered to remember […]

    How to merge Duplicate Accounts on Social Networks

    People all over the world are connecting through social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and hundreds of other social networks to get noticed and take notice of their friends, contacts, relative and friends. Had there been only one social net work and that too restricting the public to make duplicate profiles, it would have […]

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