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How to merge Duplicate Accounts on Social Networks

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How to merge Duplicate Accounts on Social Networks
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People all over the world are connecting through social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and hundreds of other social networks to get noticed and take notice of their friends, contacts, relative and friends. Had there been only one social net work and that too restricting the public to make duplicate profiles, it would have served many purpose of knowing the real identity of the public on the web including their geographical location, contact numbers and one and only emil ID. There is great need for one globally accepted social network to which all the countries and their governments across the globe may be the signatory in such a way that at least one of their Government provided ID like Social Security Number in USA, Aadhar Card in India, Voter ID Card or Passport in other countries gets automatically attached to the globally accepted social network with constitutional and legal validity as per national and international laws.

While the email service providers  like Google, Yahoo, Rediffmail, hotmail  or any other were making all out efforts to have more and more public in their fold they never thought of the legal and illegal consequences of individuals having multiple email user ID’s. The very competition within email service providers created mess on the web without any constitutional or legal control over the public and even minors could make out email user ID’s by declaring themselves as major as there was neither any control mechanism to verify their date of birth nor any parental control which could be possible only through participation of countries and national Governments.

It is never too late to amend the wrongs done in the past and let the world community declare complete BlackOut of email service for 24 hours in phased manner in all geographical regions along with social networks and to reactivate their email user ID’s or Social network profiles based on at least two government verified ID proofs for date of birth, Name and Address. Moratorium Period of about 60 days be permitted to reactivate, merge the duplicate or delete the fictitious   email user ID’s and Social Net Work profiles created with or without bad intention by making connections with registrar of births and deaths, Social Security Departments, Electorate Voter ID Cards, Tax ID Card, Pass Ports or Aadhar Cards, University Degrees, College and School Rolls, Employers Rolls which can be verified online through OTP enabled services through mobiles owned by the Public. At present any illegal activity over the internet has to be probed through IP Addresses only. After the end of the moratorium period of 60 days to be run Globally in uniform manner all the inactive email user ID’s, Social Network Profiles along with abandoned  web sites be completely removed from the active root servers across the globe and such data removal be stored in separate inactive and data storage servers just to check the online crimes before the end of the aforesaid moratorium period. If the world community does not take any action immediately it is feared that the internet  and social media will die its own death when only criminals will be crawling on the web to cheat the genuine world community at large.

Experience of the Author:

Author of this article, who is a senior citizen and the proud owner founder of Web Question Answers  is writing this very article based on his personal experience of more than two years on the internet. Being zero on the internet, the author also used to make Social NetWorking profiles without knowing their pros and cons but soon the author realized that it is very dangerous to have duplicate profiles intentionally or unintentionally. Now the author is consolidating his duplicate profiles, though they depict the real profile of the author. For the benefit of the innocent public in general the author will be writing articles under the above series for merging duplicate accounts at various Social NetWorks after actually creating and merging the duplicate profiles on experimental basis without any iota of wrong or misleading information.

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With every passing day we shall be sharing our knowledge with the readers and readers are also welcome to write their experiences as an article with step-by-step guide to How to merge Duplicate Accounts on Social Networks – Social Profile of Your Choice or Experience.

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