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Team WQAINDIA is the community of Real People who have acquired knowledge and skills over a prolonged period of time. The members of the Team WQAINDIA are a passionate group of people who do not hide anything and believe in reality. They love sharing knowledge already possessed by them and they have the further zeal to dive deep into the ocean of knowledge or worldwide content writers, authors, debates, and experts.

Web Question Answers – What is after naming it as such?

Basically, Web Question Answers, the very name of the website was selected as the current generation, all and sundry information available on the internet, classified or unclassified, documented or undocumented, researched or myths being broadcast on the web, the young minds are in a dilemma as to what information should be relied upon or what should be thrown in dustbin. Even Authors with dubious and hidden identities are misguiding the young minds, to draw short-term monetary gains with long-term negative impact on the future generations and the society. That is why that this Web Question Answers, the brainchild of a retired Chief Manager of Punjab National Bank, is devised for the society, of the society and by the society and views of genuine verified members of the website get published in Questions, Answers, Forums, and Forum Discussion including knowledge sharing articles. The public is invited to be a part of the Web Question Answers family. It is free for all across the globe and anybody can join the site through the registration process with the only limitation that the language of the site will be English only. It was started by the Founder Owner as a simple blogger blog which grew by leaps and bounds with the support of Google, who approved the owner as an approved AdSense publisher to display the premium advertisements of the Google Adwords customers. The existing blogs and the site have not violated the ethics of online decency and Terms of Service or Program Policies of Google Adsense. The existing AdSense publishers will be able to associate their AdSense publisher ID so that they could earn the revenue share of 100% from Adsense through their contributions to the site in the shape of job postings, resources and articles and answering questions in the Ask Experts section of the site.

Team Members at Web Question Answers

Ashok Goyal

Founder Web Question AnswersAshok Goyal, a renowned CIBIL Consultant, is Founder Owner and CEO of the Social Site launched with the aim of providing employment to young fresher IT graduates on a No Profit No Loss basis.  Web Question Answers, a self-made team of web designers under the guidance of Founder Owner and CEO of the Social Site will be having a strong army of minimum 25 experts and selfless editors in addition to the CEO, Founder Members, Site Coordinator and Webmaster of the site. Any individual with required skills and have a passion for innovation is welcome to join Web Question Answers as an honorary editor subject to technical knowledge. Our Experts will be attending to the questions of the audiences especially concerning Law Matters,  Health, Social Security, Economy, Job Opportunities and Technology related questions of the members and audiences. To fulfill his aim, the Founder Owner and CEO became the Diamond Member at IndiaStudyChannel, an existing Indian Site providing an opportunity to the younger generations to improve their skills. Only recently another feather has been added and Expert-Consultancy site has been launched to bring the premium experts at one platform where experts can meet their clients whereas clients can choose the experts of their own choice. Paid CIBIL Consultancy is provided by Ashok Goyal himself and hundreds of clients could get their loans sanctioned from their banks after getting the CIBIL Reports and Scores rectified and improved from Mr.Goyal in the highly professional environment.

Web Question Answers was initially launched as a Blogger Blog as a One Man Team of Ashok Goyal, Founder Owner and CEO of the Social Site, who took to blogging in Jun, 2012 after his retirement as Chief Manager of Punjab National Bank and went on air through more than dozens of blogs to bring about the awareness in the Society. Initially, there were a lot of issues which included technical know-how, online ethics, security and protecting the accounts. He personally acknowledges the Google who customised the platform best suited to his requirements. It will be an injustice if he does not mention the name of Tony John, Webmaster at IndiaSyudyChannel, who inspired me to explore my potential.  He also got inspired from HubPages, where he got many accolades despite his non-technical background. YoSuccess, leading global website, which publishes the success stories of start-ups and successful ventures, has published the Interview of CEO and Founder Owner of Web Question Answers.

Neha Khullar

Owner and Technical Adviser for Adsense Implementation

She is the real owner of Google Adsense Publishing rights on any site following the Google Adsense Terms of Services, is an Ex-Faculty of world-famous Chitkara University. She is a Commerce Graduate and Master in Computer Applications (M.C.A.). She loves teaching and teaching is her passion. Only recently she has started Coaching Classes in C, C++, and Java at Panchkula. She can be contacted at +918196900812 by the prospective students after seeking permission through SMS or Whatsapp Messaging system.

Smiley Sharma

She is a PHP programmer and renowned web designer in District Patiala, providing professional service to business entities near Patiala, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, and Ambala. Keeping in view the social cause, she has not only developed this site free of cost but is also designated as lifetime honorary Site Coordinator and Webmaster of Web Question Answers.


JebaprincyShe is a Civil Engineer by profession. She is a renowned blogger with many blogs to her credit. She has been working as an editor at since 2012 and has been an active member of Web Question Answers since 2014 and is now promoted as an Editor at with immediate effect from October 2015.



He is a Software Engineer by profession and has joined us an editor. His skills include Mainframe, COBOL, JCL, DB2, VSAM, CICS, Infogix ACR/Detail, Infogix Assure, ChangeMan, Endeavour, Data Analytics, R Programming. He is also one of the editors on board for Web Question Answers.


P.K.ChoudhryP.K.Choudhry, A Banker turned Astrologer. Mr.Choudhry is researching and practising Astrology, Numerology, Gemology, Feng Shui and Vastu for more than 20 years. For astrological remedies he can be contacted at or the audiences can post their direct queries at P K Astrocenter, a full-fledged website owned and founded by Mr.Choudhry. The public can also reach him at or at He can also be contacted at +919501025578, +919953968188 and for any emergency, he can be contacted at +91998395578. His Skype address is pkchaudhry.

Harsh Wardhan Jog

Harsh Wardhan Jog

 He is an Ex-Chief Manager, Punjab National Bank. New Delhi writing a personal blog at He is a frequent traveller, writer and even after retirement at the age of 60 years, he is as young as a 25 years young man. He is a fearless writer on the political atmosphere in India and world economy as a whole. The members can look forward toward him as a philosopher, guide, and friend.


He is a retired Senior Manager from a Top Nationalized Bank. He is M.A. in English Literature and a  Social thinker and Worker. He takes a keen interest that the Society creates responsible and good citizens. He has associated with our site as a volunteer so as provide quality education in the English Language, the language accepted the world over, to the young students so that they can have good communication skills.

Dr. Apurva Tamhane

Dr. Apurva TamhaneHe is Homeopathy Physician, Internet Enthusiast, IndiaStudyChannel Editor, Idea Springer, Market Pusher,  Attended SKHMC and Lives in Mahe, Seychelles. He is a renowned Homeopathy Physician and Consultant, Working at the Country’s only Homoeopathy treatment centre,  Lives and works at Resonate Wellness Pvt. Ltd on Mahe Island in Seychelles.  He is always ready to help the needy patients.

Aniket Gupta

Aniket GuptaHe is final year B.Tech student in Computer Science and Engineering. He has a passion for technology products and likes to test and write reviews on new launches and products relating to technology like Mobiles, Smart Phones, Notebooks and much more. He is an innovative developer and based on his feedback and review not only the manufacturers have fine-tuned their products but users also find his reviews helpful in terms of value for their money. You will like to read his reviews before taking the decision to opt for the product or technology. Keep yourself ahead of others.

Ravinder Mittal

Ravinder Mittal

He was retired Chief Manager from Punjab National Bank. He was an experienced banker and highly active in Social Networks like Facebook with his pious political ideology. He joined this team on 7th of April,2014. He was an expert in the Hindi Language, the national language of India. He came from Tricity Chandigarh, the city beautiful.

With grief and a heavy heart, we have struck off the name of Ravinder Mittal as he left for heavenly abode in July 2015. May his soul rest in Peace. His support for this Global Site will always be remembered with a true homage to the departed soul.

If you want to become the Founder Member, Expert, Editor, Webmaster or Moderator at the site then first of all complete your profile after activating your Registration Process and then request the CEO and Founder Owner of the site on his mobile number being flashed on the website.

This page is under construction with bio-data of an Advocate, Career Counselor, Chartered Accountant,  Astrologer – who will be providing free of cost professional services to the members of this global site by replying to the questions raised by the visitors, readers and members of the site within framed rules of the website. Honorary editors and moderators will be selected out of the members of the website and the announcements will be made by the owners, webmasters in the forum section.


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