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Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

The circulation of blood flow in our body put pressure on blood vessel walls

Health Tips – Venous Blood – circulation

The organs of our body can function properly and stay young and healthy only if inflow of life giving arterial blood to the organs and the outflow of waste venous blood is uninterrupted and balanced. When the circulation in any organ is thrown out of order due to retarded venous outflow, the cells of that organ do […]

Blood Group Match for Blood Donation

Please share this Post with your friends, contacts, friends of friends – It might help someone in case of emergency. Donate blood or Find donor to save precious life. Courtesy : A Facebook friend. We are also available on  : Twitter @ Web Question Answers You Can also Find Us at   :  Facebook @ Web Question Answers. […]

Umbilical cord stem cell banking – Futuristic approach

Stem cells are the body’s “master” cells that regenerate and turn into the cells that form all of the tissues, organs, and systems in the human body. The different cell types within the body are all derived from such cells- and hence the name. Stem cells are undifferentiated, “blank” cells that do not yet have […]

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