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Manage Email Subscriptions

When the users on the internet make profile on websites then due to paucity of time they forget to visit all the grey areas on any site and by default they unknowing subscribe to various automatic emails from the site including Newsletters, new launches, Change is website policies and much more. Generally users do not even read the headlines of such emails, though from reputed websites and instead of unsubscribing the users prefer to mark such mails as spam mails and the user’s spam mail box is full of such mails. It becomes very difficult to scan each and every mail in the inbox or spam box unless and until the user has not made proper files and folders with labels as per his or her taste.

Our Email Policy:

We do not like rather hate sending any spam, unwanted emails or invitations to anybody including our users and members unless and until specifically opted by the users and members. Our email notifications are limited to the following kit only:

  • Welcome email after registration by a member, which also includes the activation or validation link code or URL.
  • Password reminder, when member request password through email through Forgot Password.
  • Automated responses to forum discussions, if a member expressly opts to subscribe to any forum topic.
  • Automated responses to articles, reviews, jobs if the member subscribes to these sections on the site.
  • Automated responses to questions posted in “Ask Experts” section if the member has explicitly subscribed to the answers.
  • Social Messages, Friend Requests, information about  awards, prizes, badges and recognition certificates having been won by the members or mails regarding announcements and new features on the site are sent to all the members as a matter of courtesy except to those who prefer not to be sent the email notifications.

You can request for a complete unsubscription of all emails from us by clicking on the “Unsubscribe all emails” button below. But by doing so, you may miss very important emails from us.

We do not recommend unsubscription in bulk through the button below and it will be better to opt out of email subscriptions on selective basis. You may go to the individual sections in the site like Ask Experts, Reviews, Articles, Jobs, Forums and click on the ‘Unsubscribe button’ in each section.

You are not Signed In. If you do not Sign In, you can unsubscribe only from notifications that you are subscribed as a guest using your Email Id. Click here to Sign In and unsubscribe from all member notifications. If you forgot the password, recover password. Click the button below to unsubscribe from all guest notifications to your email id.


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