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How I got my Business [CIBIL Consultants] Confirmed on Whats App Business?

Facebook and Google are verifying the Business on Facebook and Google respectively and the Businesses have to undergo various security and identity checks to get verified My business at CIBIL Consultants Dalima Vihar Rajpura Punjab India is not only verified by Facebook and Google but it has also been verified by Linkedin Now Whatsapp the most popular messaging system is

Mediterranean Chicken Skillet

Total min Active min Yield to servings Level Easy

Voters should Refuse Free Offers by Political Leaders

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Problems With Smartphones: RAM, Memory, Speed & The Statistics To Prove It’s Addition

Smartphones are although a boon to human civilization but it does have adverse effects if used in excess The addition of smartphones is also compared to that of toxic substances There are many problems that modern smartphones have such as less RAM and processing power and much more

Do Bank Depositors need to Panic under FRDI Bill 2017

BANK DEPOSITORS NO NEED TO PANIC YOUR DEPOSIT IS SAFE: Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill, 2017 is meant to protect interests of depositors. Presently under Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, Insurance of Deposits per customer in each Bank are insured up to Rs.100000-00 only. In my earlier article which was published in the year 2012 […]

All About Cloud Hosting

Cloud has become the buzzword today It refers to either the Internet or an intranet in association with some type of service or application offering Knowing the benefits of hosting today most companies have started using Cloud hosting solutions for their business

Rise of Internet marketing in IT Space

Hi I am Mike I love writing about the evolution that IT is experiencing It excites me because I have been very attached to the digital marketing part of it I am serving as the internet marketing head of a blue chip organisation Sharing with you some of my viewpoints Hope you all will like it

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