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Adsense Manager

Through AdSense Manager you can:

  1. Associate your existing adsense publisher ID with our site so that your ad_codes are automatically applied in your articles and resources.
  2. You can authorise 3rd Party access to our site to earn adsense revenue from our site.
  3. We are working up with Google to make it feasible for our users to submit their application for Adsense approval through us for hosted accounts as is available in blogger and other host partner sites like IndiaStudyChannel and HubPages. By the time this facility is not available you can earn 100% adsense revenue by followings steps at Sr.No. 1 and 2.

All the above facilities will be available here as our Team WQAINDIA implements the Adsense Host Revenue Sharing Model. On successful implementation the members will be able to see themselves about the fate of their Google AdSense application. While those getting approved by the Google AdSense review team will start earning from the site the other unsuccessful members may be required to meet the eligibility criteria for getting approved as adsense publisher.

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