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Which ID and Address Proof is Most Reliable in India

Indian Residents get so many ID Proofs and Address Proofs that they can get undue benefits by producing the ID and/or address proof of their choice. I am a CIBIL Consultant and while investigating and solving the problems of the public in general, I come across intricate problems which are the result of not having […]

Seven simple steps to get online EPIC in Punjab

How to Apply Online for Voter ID Card in Punjab?   The Chief Electoral Officer of Punjab has launched the website at The citizens have been provided the facility of SMS service in which they ask about their name in voter list with full information. You just need to send SMS to +919211728082 by […]

How to verify Aadhar Card online

Fraudsters and Tricksters create fake proof of identity and proof of address to cheat the banks or the public at large. Most of the issuing authorities are coming up with the solutions to check the genuineness of ID’s issued by verifying if the data of any given ID is available in their database or not. In case of […]

Important Notice about online applications for Voter Card

While applying online for Voter Cards by uploading Photo Identity of prospective voters along with their Aadhaar Card the Government Portal returns the message that Voter Card will be issued to the applicant after 28th March, 2016 against online application. Public is informed that they should keep the reference number preserved for checking after 23rd […]

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