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New Members – FAQ

Web Question Answers – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Web Question Answers?

A: Web Question Answers is an online Social Website enabling authors, content writers, technocrats, bloggers, students, senior citizens to share their knowledge and experience on the web through contributions in articles section. Members can take part in forum discussions. Audiences or public in general can not only ask questions on varied topic but they can also answers existing questions asked by others, if they find that they have perfect or near perfect answers. While forums are open ended discussions, asking questions and answering questions is a close ended section. Web Question Answers is having more than 20 blogs including a collection of more than 500 articles. We have started a learn to earn, online or offline by ethical means only and you may like to How and What do we do at Web Question Answers.  Do not expect windfalls but ensure to pay you for your writing hobby and sharing your knowledge through us.

Q: What is the main purpose of this site and who is the owner of the site?

A: Web Question Answers is the brain child of Ashok Goyal, retired chief manager of Punjab National Bank, a purely non technological person, who wanted to share his knowledge and experiences with the audiences in General. Ashok Goyal is the Founder Owner of this social website dedicated to the public.

During the course of learning process the founder owner found that internet can be used as a tool to share knowledge and make such knowledge base available to future generations. But non-tech people o hesitated writing on the web due to security reasons or other fears as a layman can think about. Web Question Answers and its connected blogs have been written assuming that more and more non-tech people with rich and vast experiences will come forward to share their knowledge and technocrats would also spare their valuable time to guide the non-tech people through this site, so as to find disciples and true followers.

Q: How old is Web Question Answers?

A:  Web Question Answers with its Head Quarters at Dalima Vihar, Near Laxmi Narain Mandir, Rajpura – 140401, Punjab – India, was founded on 24th of June,2012 as a very simple blog at Web Question Answers. Its conversion into full fledged Global Site is now Launched so that the aspiring individuals can register their profile at Web Question Answers and the registered members will have the option to monetize their contributions on the site through various online revenue sharing techniques especially the Premium Adsense Revenue Sharing Model.

Q: Who is the author of this website?

 A: The site is edited and written by Ashok Goyal, who is honorably retired Chief Manager of Punjab National Bank, leading PSU Bank in India founded by Late Lala Lajpat Rai, the great freedom fighter in the Quit India movement. More information on the author can be had from his Google+ Real Profile.

Q: How can the Web Question Answers be classified as a Social Website?

A. I believe in sharing and collective efforts can do miracles. Web Question Answers is being launched with VISION 2020 in mind when the site will have hundreds of millions of members from across the Globe and it will be generating revenue to provide employment to thousands of young people, under able guidance of seniors and experienced senior citizens, on the role model of employees being the employer themselves. It will be good mix of experience and technology.

Q: How can I subscribe to Web Question Answers?

A: The members and the readers in general can subscribe to the site through RSS Feeds link on the site. You can join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. We are on Google Plus as well. Though we are yet to start video tutorials on YouTube, yet Web Question Answers is a verified YouTube partner and approved Google Adsense Publisher providing opportunities to the members to monetize their online content within the framework of Google Adsense TOS and Policies.

Q: How to contact the Author or Admin of Web Question Answers.

  • You can send an email to Ashok Goyal or send tweet @WQAINDIA or even send a Facebook message.
  • Under emergent circumstances the readers and members of the site  can call me at +91 9814915812 (10 AM to 11 AM except  Sunday). Do  not ask for detailed guidance on phone.
  • The author has expertise and specialization in many areas like Banking, Economy, Financial Planning and Investments, Project Appraisal, Emerging Trends, Social Security and any type of security including online security and fraud investigations.

Q: Are Guest Posts accepted by Web Question Answers?

 A: As we have opened the site for registration at Web Question Answers the readers need not send any guest posts as they can write their articles on the sub domains provided by the site administrators at and members can have UserID of their own choice. Google verified Authors get special favors on our blogs.

Q: Are you available for hiring by our Company?

 A: Thanks for the confidence reposed in us but being a non tech individual I have to work very hard while managing affairs of Web Question Answers. However for professional paid guidance you can contact via email or contact numbers.

 Q: I want to join Web Question Answers. Are you hiring?

 A: Web Question Answers is a one-man team at this time but if you are a talented technocrat with excellent command over English then we can consider publishing of original articles on topics related computer software, Web and Android applications along with video tutorials not published else where. Articles on review of gadgets and tech products are also welcome. To consider your request send us links of your published articles and frequency of your writing articles. Presently we are looking for editors to work for our site and such editors will have additional privileges over the ordinary members.

 Q: What is the source of income of Web Question Answers.

 A: Web Question Answers is a Social Website with volunteers from among the readers to be designated as editors and webmasters. I have partnered with various advertising programs including Google AdSense, Chitika, Infolinks and Google DFP. These programs help bring advertisers to our website and they are the main source of revenue. In the near future when the income of the website increases, it will be shared among contributors, members, editors and webmaster according to their contributions and Web Question Answers will operate as Social Website with no commercial motive on No Profit No Loss Basis. Only motive is to make the knowledge reach out to public at large. We believe in sharing and spreading knowledge.

 Q: Are you working from home or have full fledged Office?

A: After getting retired from Punjab National Bank I am working from home location with Google Map of the location is embedded at Web Question Answers.

 Q: How many working hours do you spend blogging or maintaining site?

 A: On an average, I tirelessly work for about 8 to 10 hours per day.

 Q: What is the Brand name and meaning of Web Question Answers?

 A: WQAINDIA is the established Brand Name of Web Question Answers and the name was derived as I felt that I can provide specific and researched replies based on my expertise and experience. Just Google our brand name WQAINDIA and geographical location at Rajpura 140401 Punjab India and you will find us active on the web along with our thousands of links.

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