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    Google Enters Domain Business with Excellent Features!

    Branded Emails, Free Private Registration,Easy Dom

    Are you receiving Spurious Calls and Fictitious Offers in the name of IRDA

    The readers might have come across instances of having received telephonic calls from persons claiming to be the representative of IRDA. At least I used to receive at least one or two calls every month. The callers introduce themselves to be the representatives of IRDA and they also impress the called party that the insurance […]

    Tips and Tricks while switching from Android, IPhone or Blackberry to Windows Phone 8

    While switching from your old Android Phone you need to know user guide of your existing phone for enabling bluetooth, mass storage or synchronizing accounts. Try the following Tips and tricks: If the Welcome Home to Windows Phone software cannot find any matching apps, then check the regional settings of your computer. Calendar entries get […]

    Are you looking for better security? Switch to Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8.

    Nokia Lumia has multiple layers of security built

    How will Microsoft take care of Nokia’s Customers Privacy and Security?

    When Nokia has struck a sale deal with Microsoft to sell its Devices and  Services business except HERE location based products and businesses to Microsoft in April 2014 then you might be worried about the privacy of your contacts, security of your important data and above all the contractual relationships for the products and services offered […]

    What is NOTA button on EVM’s in Elections 2014

    During the elections 2014 the election commission has introduced the NOTA button for the voters to press the NOTA button in case the voters feel that none of the candidates in the election foray is worthy of their vote. NOTA button has the many advantages and voters need to think before they cast their vote […]

    How to become Google Certified Partner free of Cost?

    Becoming partners with Google is matter of pride and We lost no time to try and check as to what is new with Google Partners. Soon we realized that to become partners with Google, one is supposed to qualify any of the two exams below to get certified by the great Gooooogle: Advertising Fundamental Exam :  Exam […]

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