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What is NOTA button on EVM’s in Elections 2014

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During the elections 2014 the election commission has introduced the NOTA button for the voters to press the NOTA button in case the voters feel that none of the candidates in the election foray is worthy of their vote. NOTA button has the many advantages and voters need to think before they cast their vote :

  1. The voters must visit their polling booth well in times to caste their votes even if they do not want to cast their vote.
  2. The voters should cast their vote in favor of the candidate of their choice, who is honest, accessible to the public and has a clean record.
  3.  If the voters decide to sit at home and do not make use of their franchise then there is every possibility of impersonation by the supporters of candidates with bad public image.
  4. If say 100% polling is there and even if the voters press the NOTA button, the exercise of making use of franchize in favor of NOTA button will make it impossible for the personators to cast vote on behalf of eligible voters who abstain from voting.
  5. Ensure 100% polling to make it impossible for the candidates or parties with anti people policies or tarnished track record.

Take Pledge :  “I will cast my vote at every cost even if there is no right candidate worthy of my vote. I will prefer to press the NOTA button in such an eventuality if all the candidates are not honest, not accessible to public  and have tainted images.”

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