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Web Question Answers Learn to Earn, Online or Offline by Ethical Means Vs IndiaStudyChannel

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Web Question Answers Learn to Earn, Online or Offline by Ethical Means Vs IndiaStudyChannel
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How to Learn and Earn at WebQuestionAnswers

Web Question Answers is a website for freshers who have no experience of writing and publishing online content. While the tech savy can easily write articles on words’ best publishing platforms like HubPages and IndiaStudyChannel but WebQuestionAnswers is purely a rising star website striving hard to take the opportunity of authoring articles to the poorest of the poor, illiterate common man. I call it as an Aam Aadmi website. I have made up my mind after evaluating the website from every angle that is genuineness, straightforwardness and trustworthy site to be managed by the like minded members from within the site audiences. I visited Ashok Goyal, the founder author cum CEO of the site with a purpose to interview him about – How did he achieve it, What is his future plan and to keep the “No Profit No Loss: organisation moving, who will fund the finances of the organisations.

Excerpt of the Interview of Mr.Ashok Goyal, CEO and Founder-cum-owner of WebQuestionAnswers with established brand name WQAINDIA are reproduced below so that the audiences can judge by themselves about the venture initiated by Team WQAINDIA.

Excerpts of Interview of CEO of Web Question Answers

Me : Mr.Goyal, after retirement as Chief Manager of Punjab National Bank, how come the idea to launch this site.

CEO Web Question Answers

Source : CEO Web Question Answers taking Interview

Goyal : After putting in more than 35 years in Banking, it was a big question as to what to do after getting retirement in April,2012. One fine day I came across blogger platform provided by the great Google. I experimented with blogs and every time I found that my blogs were very poor in quality and even teenaged bloggers in advanced countries like United State and United Kingdom knew better about blogging. My ambition to learn the online writing techniques and techniques to get published became more and more immense with every passing day and to fulfill my burning ambition I joined IndiaStudyChannel in December,2012 and knocked at the door of HubPages on 1st January,2013 after getting approval from Google Adsense through my own customized top level domain at

Me : Mr.Goyal, do you think you have succeeded in your mission or nearer to your mission?

Goyal : No, not at all. Success does not come overnight or in short period. One has to prove his or her worth so that the public on the web can trust the individual. Now a days it is very difficult to create and build Trust which is the main pillar of strength of any organization. Initially I got snubbed at all publishing platforms as an odd man out as if I were interfering in the domain of experienced and multimillionaire well organized publishing platform who build up an empire and collection of articles written by authors all over the world and such digital assets are never claimed by the successors or legal heirs of the authors. Now with the grace of GOD almighty and learning lessons from HP and ISC, I have been able to build up Trust as trusted and verified Google Author.

Me : Mr.Goyal, How did the idea of launching Web Question Answers came to your mind?

Goyal : Frankly speaking the the human mind is a super computer more superior than any man made

Head Quarters of Web Question Answers Source : Foursquare

supercomputer. As the GOD is the creator of the Adam and the Eve, Similarly the man of course including women are the creators of super computers. When the human being can not be superior to GOD, any super computer can not be superior to its creator man or woman. It is as simple as the man or woman will live in this universe till the almighty wishes and every soul will take rebirth. Similarly any supercomputer will get recycled in the same way as the soul gets new body after its creator man or woman think it to have become obsolete.

Why all these spiritual lines? Just to let the audiences know that every human being on earth want to know the answers to questions starting with How to, Why to or What to know more and more and this very essence of the human mind creates creativity. Web Question Answers is the outcome of such creativity where some can ask questions and others can answer questions based on their knowledge or even be more creative to write articles explaining further questions being generated out of the answers.

How to Build online Trust

Goyal, on being asked about How to Build Online Trust, spelled out the following few steps to be taken by all the online authors so that audiences can repose confidence in the author, recommend the author to be followed and shared among friends and circles. Some of the tips for building online trust, as explained by Mr.Goyal, are listed below:

  • Be real in your online identity. Real Name, Real Image updated periodically to stay connected with the present audiences, Real Location and above all “Own Your Own Articles as a Google Verified Author“.
  • Follow ethics of online decency. Never post vulgar remarks, content, articles, photos or videos which may hurt the feeling of online visitors. Before posting anything on the web just think as to how will you feel if you, yourself, your kids, your spouse and close relations encounter your posts. Online content is the Mirror of your inner personality and nobody will like to damage one’s own personality.
  • Never post stolen content on the web. Just imagine if you have written mini article on Look Younger Live Longer and you come across same titled Look Younger Live Longer with your content stolen then it will irritate you as an author. Always post unique content and if at all you want your audiences to have more in depth knowledge of the subject then you can provide links to such better resources and I am sure that the original author will reciprocate your gesture in similar manner.
  • Do not post unverified content which is not well researched and in case you feel that your content can lead to unpleasant outcomes, do not forget to mention the resources from where you have gathered the information along with statutory warning in the shape of Disclaimer Clause.

What is the Source of Income of Web Question Answers

Me : Mr.Goyal, you have implemented the Cash Bucks program at your site. How will you generate income and revenue to be distributed among authors and contributors.

Goyal : The main source of revenue of the site will be from advertising through Google Adsense, Adsense for DFP (Double Click for Publishers) and private networks. But this is not an overnight venture. We are in the process of building Team WQAINDIA which will have the following type of Personnel with adequate knowledge in their area of expertize:

  • Two Webmasters, who will manage the site and ensure that no unwanted content barges into the site and privacy of the members is maintained to the utmost level.
  • 12 Editors, who will approve the content to be published after applying all types of checks including reproduction of duplicate, copyrighted content if any. Editors will also fine tune the content for SEO and allot Scores and Cash Bucks.
  • 12 Experts on Technology, Health and Nutrition, Careers, Legal Matters, Frequent Travelers to guide Tourist, Social Security, Online Security, Banking, Finance and Investments, Astrology, Real Estate and as per needs of the online visitors.

As a founder owner I have funded the project with a few hundred dollars and now onwards the site earnings and pay outs will be managed by the webmasters and editors under the guidance of the founder owner and a reserve will be created to open an IT Center for poor and needy students. It will depend upon future visionaries to develop the mission of IT Center in a Global Center of Learning and University.

Me : Mr.Goyal, thanks for your valuable time. I wish you and your team a grand success. Thanks for empaneling me as one of the founder members of the site.

Goyal : Thanks, welcome always. Spread a word about our “No Profit No Loss” mission.



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