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Easy Way to Validate E-filed I-T Return through EVC

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Easy Way to Validate E-filed I-T Return through EVC
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Gone are the days when one had to physically file the income tax returns involving tedious paper work which was very time consuming. Keeping in view the difficulty of the public the Government of India has made it possible for any tax payer to e-file his or her income tax return online using internet from anywhere, anytime. Rather it has been made mandatory to e-file the income tax return if the total income of the taxpayer in a financial year is more than Rs.5 lakh.

So far e-filing of income tax return used to be considered as complete if the taxpayer:

  • Digitally signed the Income Tax Return Verification Acknowledgement (ITR V).
  • Physically signs the hard copy of ITR V and sends it to CPC Bangalore to receive the acknowledgement from Income Tax Department.

While the first “Digital Signature” method is cumbersome for an ordinary man, the second method involved taking out the hard print, manually sign it and speedpost it to CPC Bangalore and thereafter the acknowledgement used to be issued. Till the issuance of acknowledgement, which could be issued through either digitally signing the e-filed I-T return or physical process, the e-filing of return is deemed to be incomplete.

Now the taxpayers can file their income tax returns without any headache of sending the same to CPC, Bangalore using the EVC i.e. Electronic Verification Code which is generated for the purpose of electronic verification of the person furnishing the return of income. EVC is an unique number linked to assessee’s PAN. It can not be used for filing I-T Return relating to other PAN.  One EVC can be used to validate only one return, irrespective of assessment year or type of return. Taxpayers can generate EVC by any of the four methods; which include NetBanking, Aadhaar Number, ATM Machines or through e-filing website of income tax department; elaborated below:

Electronic Verification Code

  • Electronic Verification Code through NetBanking: Some of the designated and specified banks registered with income tax department provide direct access to their account holder to access the e-filing website. The account holder can click the e-filing option in Net Banking module of the bank (if he or she is logged in to NetBanking) enabling him or her to generate the EVC which will be sent by the income tax department to the registered email ID and mobile number of the taxpayer which can be used to verify the income tax return online. Please ensure that your bank account is mapped to your PAN number and you can view your Tax Credit 26AS online through NetBanking.

  • Through Aadhaar Number issued by UIDAI: Tax payers have been facilitated to link their aadhaar number with their PAN by logging in to e-filing website to generate the EVC online. Once the Aadhaar Number is linked to PAN then OTP (One Time Password) will be generated on the taxpayer’s registered mobile number. Make sure that you have got updated your mobile number and email ID in Aadhaar Number.

  • Through ATM Machines of Registered Banks: If the ATM Card and PAN is mapped with the Bank Account of the taxpayer then taxpayer can access ATM of registered bank using the his or her debit/credit card. In this procedure the ATM machine communicates the request to e-filing website which generates the EVC and sends it on his or her registered mobile number.
  • Through e-filing website of I-T Dept: This facility can be availed only if the taxpayer is having total income of Rs.5 lakh or below and the taxpayer is not claiming any income tax refund. EVC gets generated while you have submitted the return.

EVC is optional and not mandatory or compulsory. Taxpayers can send the printed income tax reurn duly signed to CPC Bangalore by ordinary or speed post but not registered post.

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