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How to embed links to articles at WebQuestionAnswers in your blogs or websites?

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Sometimes bloggers and authors find it difficult to embed the links to useful articles on other sites in their blogs or personal websites. At our site we have made it very easy for the bloggers and authors to embed the links to useful articles on our site in their blogs or sites. Just follow the steps below:

  • For example if you are reading “Tips on Benefits of Lemon” on our site in “Health and Nutrition” category then first of all open the article alongside your blog article where you want to embed the link.
  • In the footer of our website on every page you will find a feature “COPY URL”.
  • Just click on the “COPY URL” link in the footer while you are reading the Tips on Benefits of Lemon.
  • You will see a window “Linking to” and this window will work separately for each resource or article at WQA.
  • Now let us suppose you want to insert the link in your blog with a different text, say “Useful Tips on Lemon”.
  • Just provide the HTML Link Text of your choice like “Useful Tips on Lemon”.  You are free to provide any text keeping in view the necessity or article being edited on your blog or site.
  • Our COPY URL feature will create the HTML code of the useful article selected on our website. For example in the above case the following HTML code is generated by COPY URL feature: <a href=””>Useful Tips on Lemon</a>.
  • open the HTML editor of your blog article and place the above code to produce clickable hyperlink with anchor text as “Useful Tips on Lemon”.
  • However in case you are editing in visual mode then just copy the URL from the COPY URL feature (In the present case it will be : and just hyperlink the URL with text of your choice in your article.

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