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Problems With Smartphones: RAM, Memory, Speed & The Statistics To Prove It’s Addition

Smartphones are although a boon to human civilization but it does have adverse effects if used in excess The addition of smartphones is also compared to that of toxic substances There are many problems that modern smartphones have such as less RAM and processing power and much more

How Important is Aadhar Biometrics to You?

News has started pouring in that Aadhar Biometrics are being misused by Network Providers while linking Aadhar with Mobile SIM Cards Few Case of Frauds has been reported This article explains as to how to securely disable or enable your Aadhar Biometrics to avoid getting misused

What to do If You Loose your Mobile Phone Set

Every mobile set has IMEI Number. Public can check the IMEI Number within the mobile set of just by dialing *#06# command. With the help of IMEI serial number the location of the mobile set can be located. When the public looses the mobile set then they don’t bother to file FIR with police and […]

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