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What to do If You Loose your Mobile Phone Set

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Every mobile set has IMEI Number. Public can check the IMEI Number within the mobile set of just by dialing *#06# command. With the help of IMEI serial number the location of the mobile set can be located. When the public looses the mobile set then they don’t bother to file FIR with police and does not take any action to get the IMEI blocked. Simply blocking the SIM is not sufficient and one must get the IMEI serial number also blocked so that the set is not used by criminals. This article explains What to do If You Loose your Mobile Phone Set along with the procedure for Mobile Number Portability. Never Sell your old mobile set to strangers without verifying the antecedents of the purchasers beyond doubt or without entering into valid sale agreement as when the purchaser will use his/her SIM with the sold set, its IMEI number will get automatically registered with the SIM user. Unsalable Mobiles must be damaged beyond reuse and recycled properly.

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